Happy birthday Danny!

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16 March 2012
To add to the colour of the week, we celebrated the birthday of the Chef, Danny.
With Eve attempting to secretly bake a cake the night before the big day, others were feverishly inflating balloons and wedging them in every nook and cranny around the kitchen, making it an interesting challenge for Eve to ‘whisk’ the cake.
Till next week, dear thought to our family and friends from all here on Macquarie Island, the land of sunshine, rainbows, shuttlecock cakes and auroras!

Balloons being stored in the kitchen for the birthday surprise.
Balloons, balloons everywhere and not a whisk to use
(Photo: Trevor Hopps)
Danny with Eve and two others ready to blow out the candles on the shuttlecock shaped cake
The birthday boy Danny AKA 'Wanna-be Badminton Champ!' and Eve, the baker…
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