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This week at Macquarie Island: 4 February 2011

We received our second last of 10 tourist ship visits of the summer last weekend, when Orion returned to us on her way from Hobart down to the Ross Sea area of Antarctica. After a visit to the station and isthmus in the morning, the tourists went down to Sandy Bay in the afternoon, guided by TASPARKS rangers Helen, Marty and Drew, and volunteer station guides Lauren and Adrian.

All involved in these visits enjoy the experience of showing off our beautiful island and its fantastic wildlife to the open mouthed tourists. The king penguins at Sandy Bay have young chicks at the moment, and the royal penguins chicks hatched earlier this summer look unusual in their moulting plumage, so there is plenty to see!

An elephant seal and Orion tourists
An elephant seal and Orion tourists.
(Photo: Greg Stone)
Expeditioner and tourist posing with king penguins
Ranger Drew and an Orion tourist experiencing the king penguins at Sandy…
(Photo: Greg Stone)
Ranger approached by a king penguin
Ranger Marty approached by an inquisitive king penguin.
(Photo: Greg Stone)
Expeditioners travelling in inflatable boat.
Volunteer guide Lauren and ranger Marty going to Orion in an IRB.
(Photo: Greg Stone)
Expeditioner travelling in inflatable boat towards ship.
BOM observer (and station post officer) Melissa going to Orion to open…
(Photo: Greg Stone)
Moulting royal penguin chick at Sandy Bay
Moulting royal penguin chick at Sandy Bay.
(Photo: Greg Stone)
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