Busy tourist season underway

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This week at Macquarie Island: 21 January 2011

We are in the middle of a busy tourist season here at Macquarie Island. Last week the Orion visited, this week it was Spirit of Enderby’s turn, and this weekend Orion returns. These visits usually involve a half day visiting the isthmus and station area, including tea and Kelly’s scones in the mess, and a half or full day visit to Sandy Bay where the tourists visit the king and royal penguin colonies, utilising Justin and Marty’s terrific new boardwalk and viewing platform.

The Tasmanian Parks ranger staff, with enthusiastic volunteers from the station staff, act as interpretive tourist guides. This often includes a night on the ship interacting with the tourists and enjoying some fresh food and an excellent dinner, so these opportunities attract considerable interest.

More importantly this week, the Orion on Saturday will take seven of our expeditioners home: electrician Ken, plumber Clinton, plant inspector Chris, and biologists/plant ecologists Jess, Kate, Justine and Aleks. Orion will also bring us Tasmanian Parks builder Peter who will be constructing another tourist viewing platform on Razorback Ridge, which provides an excellent viewing point overlooking the isthmus and station looking north towards North Head. Sometimes the ships also bring a bit of mail.

Tourists with penguins in foreground and ship in background.
Tourists from Orion meet the locals.
(Photo: Greg Stone)
Tourists on beach with inflatable boat.
Tourists from Spirit of Enderby land (unusually) on the western side of…
(Photo: Ivor Harris)
Ship at anchor
The Spirit of Enderby at anchor off our west coast.
(Photo: Ivor Harris)
Expeditioner with mail from home
Comms tech Kevin was delighted to get a letter from home on…
(Photo: Ivor Harris)
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