Summer work programme progressing at Macca

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This week at Macquarie Island: 14 January 2011

We extend our best wishes to all affected by the tragic floods in Queensland and elsewhere. Two of our station community from south east Queensland have been particularly concerned, with one expeditioner’s home in Brisbane at risk, and the family of another isolated for some time on their flooded rural property. The thoughts of all on station are very much with these families, and we hope for a speedy resolution of the current situation and favourable outcomes for all.

After having everyone back on station to celebrate and relax over the Christmas-New Year period, Macca people are back into their work routines. In the field, our fur seal researchers Rob and Dean are working hard on North Head with some assistance from others; our albatross/giant petrel researchers Julie and Amber are working hard, mostly around the southern end of the island; our vegetation and climate change researchers Kate, Jess, Aleks and Justine are working all over the island and in the biology lab on station; and our remediation of contaminated soil project people Lauren and Brendan are working at their sites on station and in the laboratory.

The Tasmanian Parks rangers Helen, Drew and Marty are in the field engaged on a multitude of wildlife surveys and environmental management tasks. Ranger Justin and station leader Ivor have returned from a week at Hurd Point at the southern end of the island, where they inspected stored boxes of rabbit bait destined to be used in the rabbit eradication program later this year for water damage, and sorted the damaged contents from undamaged contents. On station the regular work continues, and several station based personnel including Craig and Clinton have been able to take welcome opportunities to get off station to assist the field researchers and undertake other off-station tasks, as well as to enjoy the spectacular qualities of this amazing location.

Expeditioner standing beside bait pod on which skua is perched. Penguin colony in background.
Justin enjoys a close encounter with a friendly skua while checking stored…
(Photo: Ivor Harris)
Huge penguin colony
The stored rabbit baits are alongside the largest royal penguin colony in…
(Photo: Ivor Harris)
Elephant seal propped against door of building.
This young elephant seal was hanging around the door of the biology…
(Photo: Lauren Wise)
Expeditioner testing smoke alarm on ceiling.
Building services supervisor Barry carrying out routine testing of smoke alarms in…
(Photo: Chris Hill)
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