This week at Macquarie Island: 20 October 2006

This week I am going postal; not in the way pop culture understands the term, but paying homage to the wonderful work Australia Post does.

Australia Post logo

Australia Post logo

As all of ANARE are well aware, V1 departed Hobart and made a quick visit to Macca. The reason for the quick visit, a little over 6hrs, was to deliver much needed power generation equipment. But this opportunity was not missed by the Macca expeditioners and their families.

The online shopping websites were attacked with gusto and a large number of gifts, toys, DVDs and bottle caps were among the 10 bags of mail that Australia Post delivered to AAD headquarters.

A large orange vessel then powered to the eastern side of the island and, after breakfast, loaded their amphibious mail delivery vehicle (AMDV) with power generation equipment and the oh-so precious mail.

The icebreaker Aurora Australis delivering mail to Macquarie Island

Postal vessel
Photo: L. Mainsbridge

Mail being delivered via amphibious vessel to Macquarie Island

Postal amphibian
Photo: J. Wruck


But one trip wasn't enough. Three more trips of the AMDV were required to deliver all the supplies and mail.

Mail being delivered ashore at Macquarie Island

Multiple trips
Photo: J. Wruck

Once everything was delivered it was necessary for us to return the 3 gallant postmen back to there vessel as it was decide the AMDV would be left at Macca until V5 when more mail arrives.

Three expeditioners standing in front of amphibious vessel that delivers the post to Macquarie Island

Photo: B. Free

An IRB was launched from Landing Beach with the postmen aboard. After a semi successful launch, they were returned to their vessel, which departed on their arrival.

Expeditioners pushing the rubber zodiac back out to sea at Macquarie Island

Postmen launch
Photo: J. Wruck

Expeditioners returning in Zodiac after delivering mail to Macquarie Island

Postmen return trip
Photo: J. Wruck

A special thanks goes to those Macca expeditioners who helped with the IRB launching and retrieving. They donned the dry suits and braved the icy Macca water as thanks to the postmen for their efforts. The time spent on Macca has obvious started to affect these expeditioners, as their synchronised exodus from the water was markedly similar to that of king penguins.

Four expeditioners pretenting to be King Penguins on Macquarie Island

King Penguins imitators
Photo: J. Wruck

Just to prove we haven't just spent this week only opening mail and enjoying the goodies they contain, here is some other news. The station power providers have started to installed the new equipment and will have it up and running soon.

Power generator

Power provider
Photo: L. Mainsbridge

Power generator on Macquarie Island

Power provider
Photo: L. Mainsbridge

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