This week at Macquarie Island: 23 November 2006

The winter is over. Long live the winter. The 2006 Macca crew bid farewell to winter in their usual way with a huge party, heaps of fantastic food.

With the celebrations over, the first of the summer boat people arrived. Eager tourists, binoculars in hand, all ready to experience Macca, its weather and the wildlife. They came in their dozens, trying to experience as much as they came in the few glorious hours their Macca stay permits.

First tourist ship at Macquarie Island

First tourist ship
Photo: L. Mainsbridge

Tourists arriving in rubber dingy to Macquarie Island

Tourist arrival
Photo: L. Mainsbridge

Looking around Macquarie Island

The tour begins
Photo: L. Mainsbridge

Hidden amongst the boat people were a lucky few who don't have to say goodbye when the ship departed. The fresh and enthusiastic summer expeditioners have the next 5 months or so to live through all the Macca has to offer and complete their work/research that they are here to do.

Expeditions arriving on Macquarie Island by inflatable dingy for the summer

Arriving summerers
Photo: L. Mainsbridge

The end of winter means the dream is over for a couple of expeditioners. Brett and Luke leave us for the warmer climate of the real world. We thank both of them for the being part of the 2006 Macca crew, for being excellent expeditioners and great guys. We will miss them. Good luck on the trip home and all the best for your futures.

Two expeditioners waving as they depart Macquarie Island

Departing duo
Photo: L. Mainsbridge

Love and kisses.

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