3 November 2006

This week at Macca it is all about "places": places to see, places to go and places to know. We had a fancy dress dinner on Saturday night to honour places from around the world. The expeditioners turned up in various dress from places around the world.

Captain and McGivor returned from expedition to some far off places this week. They had a good time but they were always aware of their place in the scheme of things. Even though Captain was displaced from his beloved kitchen, he still found time to place himself in familiar surrounds and whip up some fine food.

Expeditioner holding loaf of bread

Captain's Field Cooking Skills
Photo: G. Freeman

McGivor took an important role and did some work for the communications departed. This was a help to the comms staff and in turn a benefit to all of us on station. The repeater on Mt Jeffryes is placed in a large kennel. McGivor looks quite comfortable in there, maybe another place to spend a night on the island.

Expeditioners hut at Macquarie Island

McGivor's Kennel
Photo: D. Rooke

Another place that required McGivor's magic touch was Green Gorge. An over-energised bull elephant seal found it necessary to place himself near the hut. This required the seal going over the seal resistant fence. Unfortunately, the seal resistant fence put up no resistance at all and collapsed under the mammoth weight. McGivor was called into action to repair and replace the fence.

Fence broken by the elephant seals on Macquarie Island

Seal Resistant Fence, Not!!!
Photo: G. Freeman

Expeditioner on Macquarie Island with elephant seals in the background

McGivor's on the Job
Photo: D. Rooke

And lastly this week, some of the elephant seal pups have grown into weaners and now believe everywhere belongs to them. They place themselves all around The Isthmus and the station, keeping the expeditioner up at night with their noise.

Young weaners seals in doorway

Weaners Everywhere
Photo: L. Mainsbridge

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