21 April 2006

This weeks Macca News is proudly brought to you by the people who like…

Tin of corned beef


That's right Hampers Canned Corned Beef, and this week that person is Luke.



Luke is the Ranger-in-Charge on Macquarie Island, and in that position he has been given the responsibility to field train people. The first of these field-training parties left, and safely return, last week.

Expeditioners hiking


The party consisted of two rangers and three trainees. You gotta like them odds. They spent three days trekking around the northern half of the island and visiting three huts. It was whilst visiting the third hut that Luke came across the little delight in a can. The third hut was Bauer Bay known for it's sea breeze, walks to the toilet and golf course.

Having not previously experience the taste sensation of the canned corned beef, he was keen to try. With the support of some of the other members of the field party, a meal was quickly prepared and eater with vigour.

During the trek back to the station from Bauer Bay, Luke was very vocal in his appreciation of the culinary wonders that can be found in cans. So Luke and his newfound affection for Hampers Canned Corned Beef have proudly brought this weekly news to you.

Also at Macca this week a celebratory BBQ was held for Easter that included a surprise package of Easter eggs supplied by the AAD. Many thanks to the person/people response they were appreciated very much.

Expeditioner with sausages on BBQ


This picture was put in for those who didn't believe that golf is a good reason to visit Bauer Bay.

Expeditioner hitting golf ball

Bauer Bay Golf

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