This Week at Macquarie Island 15 December 2006

This week at Macca is boating week. Due to some recent marvellous weather and flat-ish seas, the second successful boat trip to Hurd Point in as many weeks went ahead. The boats were loaded up with supplies for a couple of huts and the trip saved some expeditioners the effort of walking the Island.

Small boat on water in foreground and another in background

Photo: J. Wruck


Hurd Point was the first stop. The area is now overrun with royal penguins, Thankfully there was a clear area near the hut . The boats were successfully landed, supplies and personnel were left behind, then it was off to Lusitania Bay to check on the king penguins.

Hurd Point landing at Macquarie Island

Hurd Point landing
Photo: J. Wruck


Lusitania Bay is the home of the biggest king penguin colony on the island and should be best spot to get some underwater footage of the kings. The boats were parked off the bay and a few keen expeditioners tried their hands at underwater photography.

Two expeditioners with water in background

The Boys at Lusi Bay
Photo: J. Doube


These king penguin photos were taken as they approached the photographer from about 20m away and are not likely to come too close to the camera or expeditioner. This means there has to be some luck on the side of the expeditioner to get a good photo or there have to be so many penguins that you can't miss. Judging by the photos, I tend to think there was no luck on the side of the expeditioner.

Penguins swimming underwater at Macquarie Island

Underwater Kings
Photo: J. Doube

Penguins swimming underwater at Macquarie Island

More underwater Kings
Photo: J. Doube


The boating crew successful made the return journey back to station and life continues as before.

We received some official information about the recent Macca earthquake. It was centred about 80km north of the island and at the epicentre the magnitude was 5.7. I was pretty close with my estimation of 5.9.

And, at long last, due to his performance at a recent quiz night our fearless station leader Tubby was awarded the Spanner. He would appreciate any questions, queries or comments so please feel free to call or email him about this prestigious award. Congratulations Tubby, hehehehe.

Expeditioner receives a spanner for doing well at quiz night

Tubby gets the spanner
Photo: L. Mainsbridge

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