Waterfall Bay

The little hut that looks like a red smartie overlooks the water.
Waterfall Bay hut (Photo: D. Ross)

Waterfall Bay hut is a 'Googie' style hut similar to hat at Brothers Point and was put in place in 1993-94 as a replacement for the decrepit Lusitania Bay hut. It comfortably sleeps three people. Another three can fit on the floor, although this would be a crowd.

Waterfall Bay hut is approximately seven kilometres 'as the crow flies' south of Green Gorge and 18 kilometres south of the main ANARE station.

The hut provides a handy base for expeditioners visiting the Lusitania Bay king penguin colony when the coast to the south of the hut is open for general access (between April to September). It is also used as a base for carrying out other research in the vicinity.

The hut is a conveniently located refuge should weather conditions deteriorate for those travelling between Green Gorge and the southern field hut at Hurd Point.

The entire section of coast between Green Gorge to just south of Lusitania Bay is a Category 3 Special Management Area (open April-September) except the immediate vicinity of the hut and boat-landing beach. The coast south of Lusitania Bay to Hurd Pt is a Category 2 Special Management Area open between May and August.

This page was last updated on 17 June 2002.