Green Gorge

Green Gorge chalet
Green Gorge hut (Photo: Richard Dakin)
The view of a beach from the Green Gorge from the porch

Green Gorge hut is located on the east coast approximately 15 kilometres south of Macquarie Island station, roughly halfway down the island. It consists of a comfortable Canadian log cabin built to accommodate five to six people, a food store and storage shed. It is a favourite field hut for many expeditioners.

Green Gorge is a distinctive geological feature on the island. The gorge was once a large tidal inlet that has subsequently become a lake as the island rose over time. Rugged steep escarpments, narrow gorges and waterfalls surround a swampy, grass covered basin. Light-mantled sooty albatross, blue petrels, and grey petrels are known to breed in this general area. Large numbers of penguins and seals can be seen on the beach immediately in front of the hut. These animals can be easily observed from the hut window akin to watching a wildlife documentary on television. Elephant seals dominate the beach in spring,while king penguins can be easily observed during all stages of the breeding throughout the year.

The current food store, known as ‘Shangri-La’, was originally a two-bunk hut built in 1955. The log cabin was built in 1977 and was renovated again in 1995 with new cladding and a veranda.

Green Gorge hut is very popular as a place to enjoy an overnight break on a journey from one end of the island to the other. The hut is readily accessible from the overland track or via inflatable rubber boat (IRB).