Green Gorge

Wooden hut nestled into the grass below a moutain with hundreds of penguins on the beach out front.
Green Gorge hut (Photo: Tess)

Green Gorge hut is on the east coast 15 kilometres south of the ANARE station, roughly halfway down the island. It consists of a comfortable Canadian log cabin, food store and storage shed. There are six bunks, although seven people can use the hut if necessary. It is the favourite field hut for many expeditioners.

It lies at the base of Green Gorge, an area of the island that was once a large inlet, and subsequently became a lake as the island rose. Mountains, gorges and waterfalls surround the basin with light mantled sooty albatross nesting on many slopes. The basin itself is quite flat and waterlogged, with a small central lake at the junction of several creeks.

The beach supports a succession of wildlife, which can be viewed from the hut window, known as the TV. Elephant seals dominate the beach in spring, and the king penguins take control in summer. Since the hut has been built a small king penguin colony has established and grown on the northern end of the beach. A small inaccessible rockhopper penguin colony is located south of the hut.

The current food store, known as 'Shangri La' was originally a two-bunk hut built in 1955, and in 2004 it was re-roofed, rat-proofed and painted. The present log cabin was constructed in 1977 and in 1995 it received a face-lift with new cladding and a veranda.

The hut is very popular as a place to enjoy an overnight break on a journey from one end of the island to the other. Expeditioners may travel north or south via the Overland Track, or via the coast when the category 3 Special Management Areas are open (from April to September when there are no penguin colonies vulnerable to disturbance).

This page was last updated on 17 June 2002.