Brothers Point

Shot from the top of the cliff of the tiny round, red but near the beach.
Brothers Point googie hut (Photo: G. Beech)

Brothers Point hut is located on the east coast, eight kilometres south of Macquarie Island station. The fibreglass hut, known as a 'googie', provides comfortable accommodation for three people but may fit five in an emergency. It is a popular destination for short duration field trips and is also used as a lunchtime or overnight stopping point as part of longer trips heading down the island.

The hut is accessed from the station via the overland track/Sandy Bay track, or along the picturesque east coast, when tide and swell conditions allow. The hut is also accessible via inflatable rubber boat, however opportunities to travel on water are typically limited by the weather and availability of suitably qualified boating personnel.

Sandy Bay, just north of Brothers Point, is one of the main sites visited by tourists during summer. Visitors are able to walk with relative ease along the beach and observe first hand some of the species of wildlife that breed on Macquarie Island. A timber boardwalk has been constructed in order to promote safe and easy access to observe a colony of royal penguins breeding above the beach. A moderate sized king penguin colony at the northern end of the beach is also easily accessible. Additionally, Sandy Bay is a very popular haul out and breeding beach for southern elephant seals. Occasionally, leopard seals and Hooker sea lions are seen along this coastal strip during winter.