Brothers Point

Shot from the top of the cliff of the tiny round, red but near the beach.
Brothers Point googie hut (Photo: G. Beech)

Brothers Point hut is located on the east coast, 8 kilometres south of the ANARE station. It replaced a hut located at Sandy Bay, two kilometres to the north that is now historically listed and surrounded by a thriving king penguin colony.

The fibreglass hut, known as a 'googie', provides comfortable accommodation for three people and may fit 6 in an emergency. It is a popular destination for short duration field trips lasting one or two nights, but is also used as a lunchtime or overnight stopping point for longer trips heading down the island.

During some summers the hut is used as a base for scientists conducting research into the royal penguins at Finch Creek, just to the north of the hut.

The area between the Finch Creek royal colony and the Sandy Bay king colony is also a popular landing site for tourists from tourist ships who visit most summers.

One route to the hut is along the coast. From the station one heads south along the east coast beach, below nesting light mantled sooty albatross and past elephant seals, royal and king penguins at The Nuggets and Sandy Bay, before arriving at the hut. High tides or swell conditions can make the route past the Nuggets difficult so there is a jump-up just north of the Nuggets that meets and follows the Nuggets Creek back to the coast. During winter, occasional visitors such as leopard seals and Hooker sea lions are sighted along the coast.

This page was last updated on 17 June 2002.