This week at Davis

  • Expeditioners stand in front of sunrise conducting a sea ice drill

    22 May 2015 Single page view

    Hi everyone. Brrhhh! It's been a cold week here and the crew have kept warm out on the site services and quads, sending balloons off, testing the water and traipsing around the station catching the aurora lights. But nothing warms quite like a good whisky in the belly!

  • Expeditioners continue to attempt starting the quads

    15 May 2015 Single page view

    Hello everyone. For those of you in Melbourne who are experiencing their own deep freeze, we send warm wishes and the best of the week so far. Our infrastructure team are on cranes and scaffolds checking fire systems and installing ducting. We raise a flag to our flag officer Kevin M, take you into the world of 'Team Dieso', head out onto the sea ice on quads, find a 'lost' expeditioner and meet another of our team through our Doc's Dozen.

  • expeditioners unloading containers as a bobcat clears snow from the roads around station

    8 May 2015 Single page view

    Hello everyone, we hope you're all keeping well. This week at Davis, ducting installed and floors painted, the commissioning of the hydroponics container, emergency response presentations, the southernmost furniture removalists in the world, climbing the walls and our Doc's dozen.

  • Anzac Day display of wartime memorabilia

    1 May 2015 Single page view

    This week Davis commemorated Anzac Day, held a fire exercise, and attended an elaborate display of electronics know-how (we also worked). Included from a past week are some picturess of the gents downstairs in the Crow-Bar in a bottling bonanza.

  • Expeditioner perched on a tower in safety equipment

    24 April 2015 Single page view

    This week at Davis: Ain't no anemometer tower high enough, ain't no 5,000lt sewerage tank low enough, ain't no tide crack wide enough to stop from bringing this to you…

  • Sea ice frozen off station

    17 April 2015 Single page view

    This week at Davis, we talk trash and trips, our plumbers do what had to be done, our Doc does her dozen and, it snows. Happy days. Best wishes to all of you.

  • Chocolates and pawprints left from the easter bunny

    10 April 2015 Single page view

    This week at Davis we celebrated Easter, counted seals, saved potatoes, and waded through plenty of snow, all in addition to the steady tempo of infrastructure and science activities taking place, and with time to rest over the holiday period. Happy Easter to all of you at home.

  • Two expeditioners facing camera whilst working on pipe work

    3 April 2015 Single page view

    Welcome to winter. This week at Davis our newly arrived expeditioners undertake survival training, our team of plumbers, electricians and general trades solve big problems in medium sized pipes and ,when time permitted, some trooped off into the hills, to be seen again, later...

  • A helicopter hovers in background with haggalunds track vehicle in foreground

    27 March 2015 Single page view

    Insight into the operational side of an emergency medical evacuation at Davis station.

  • Expeditioners shake hands in foreground with resupply ship in background

    20 March 2015 Single page view

    Those at Davis farewell beloved summer colleagues.

  • close up of expeditioners face with ice in beard

    13 March 2015 Single page view

    This week at Davis, our intrepid expeditioners bring you out onto the Amery ice shelf, take you around our site services, for pre-dinner nibbles in the CPC building, introduce you to the smiles behind VLZ Davis, celebrate some anniversaries and introduce you to Jimmy H, the Davis ping pong champion and field training officer.

  • Hagg towing a mobile work shelter in low light across sea ice

    6 March 2015 Single page view

    Hello everyone. Thanks for tuning in once again. This week at Davis, (probably the last before the big orange taxi comes to take our friends away)has seen us on roofs, taking water out of lakes for science and for storage, practicing our search and rescue skills, hosting Russian expeditioners and celebrating the end of our Summer season, all beneath an ever-darkening sky filled with the glow of auroras.

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