This week at Davis

  • Glen, Simon and Derryn holding up an Australian Red Ensign flag at Sir Hubert Wilkins Cairn.

    13 July 2018

    This week is about the sun and the moon cycles and a trip to Bandits hut.

  • A photo of the near-full-moon setting over the buildings of Davis, looking south.

    6 July 2018

    Davis history, future and a short meeting with an Antarctic legend.

  • Group photo of the 12 expeditioner that did the swim near the swim hole with the station in the background.

    29 June 2018

    This week is all about midwinter and what it means on station.

  • Three quad biked with head lights on in the foreground and the massive blue coloured Sorsdal glacier in the background.

    15 June 2018

    This week’s news covers the long weekend field trip activities.

  • Dr Kate dressed in her cooking apron making pesto on her day as slushy.

    8 June 2018

    This week at Davis the station chef writes about the antics of the Antarctic slushy.

  • An image of a glowing sunrise reflected in the freshwater ice lake.

    1 June 2018

    The week describes a basic rundown of station support systems and we get ready to farewell the sun.

  • Looking over the back of Davis station as the sun is rising

    25 May 2018

    A week of science support at Davis

  • 18 May 2018

    Chris, Derryn and Jason spend an afternoon riding around the sea ice recreation area on push bikes.

  • Sun reflecting in the floating ice crystals forming a large circle around the sun with bright colourful sections either side.

    11 May 2018

    This week at Davis has some past memories, spectacular natural phenomena and some work and social activities.

  • A Line up of Quad bikes with expeditioners standing behind them on the sea ice under clear blue skies.

    4 May 2018

    This week at Davis, expeditioners underwent quad bike training that will allow them to use the quad bikes for field travel on the sea ice over winter.

  • A group photo of the Davis team at the station flagpoles with the Australian, Aboriginal and New Zealand flags at half-mast.

    27 April 2018

    This week’s news is all about the station Anzac Day activities and what this special day means to some of the Davis team.

  • Looking from the top of Lied Bluff over the Vestfold lightly snow covered rocky valleys and fjords.

    20 April 2018

    Graham shares his three day hike through the Vestfold Hills.

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