This week at Davis

  • Australia Day cricket match in the green store: Tasmania Vs the World.

    27 January 2006

    G'day mate, how's it goin? Today we celebrated Australia Day in true Davis style.

  • Chris

    20 January 2006

    This week's news is brought to you from the Plant Inspector, Chris 'Tica', – who is the Main Powerhouse doing the annual maintenance; the Plant Operators, Rob 'Jibba' & Peter 'Hookey', – who are at the quarry reclaiming blasted rock …

  • CHINARE Visit

    12 January 2006

    CHINARE Visit Davis was honoured by a visit from our neighbours at Zhong Shan on January 10th. Present were: Dong L – SL Zhong Shan 22nd CHINARE Ye J - SL Zhong Shan 21st CHINARE Jin W- Doctor Shi L …

  • CASA in the snow with expeditionerrs and vehicle

    3 February 2006

    This week's Davis news is brought to you by AMISOR, who are still trying to work out what IS happening on station…. Following on from Australia Day we had a few more days of blowing snow and winds gusting to …

  • Heidi & Kath at Watts hut cleanup

    10 February 2006

    This week's news is brought to you by the the Met duo of Barry and Andrew … Last Friday was a busy day for the helicopters with two hut clean ups on the way. This involved slinging a cage pallet …

  • Our guests from Xue Long arriving on the barge.

    10 March 2006

    It has been a very hectic two weeks at Davis with a Chinese visit, an unfortunate scientific instrument being damaged by ice, summerers departing on V3, a real fire alarm, some intense scrubbing and cleaning around the station and a …

  • Farewelling the final barge back to the Vasiliy

    24 February 2006

    Davis Icy News is brought to you by Amy On Wednesday resupply was completed and at 6.15am Thursday morning we said goodbye to the Vasiliy Golovnin as she headed off towards Hobart. Farewelling the final barge back to the VasiliyPhoto: …

  • Rossco and Swanny

    17 February 2006

    This past week has been busy busy busy! Friday night drinks were hosted last week by the Science team in the big yellow building.

  • Dom and Tica deal with problem child #4

    9 June 2006

    Another busy week here at Davis. It goes without saying that preparations for Midwinters are in full swing, but much of that is hush hush! Despite being the dead of winter field work is continuing on Daryl's PhD project. Last …

  • Expeditioner with birthday cake in shape of Elmo

    16 June 2006

    Yet another busy week at Davis and the countdown has begun to midwinter. During Thursday the June 8th Davis experienced its second official blizzard for the winter season.We also celebrated Elmo's birthday with a special 'mini me' or 'mini Elmo' …

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