This week at Davis

  • Kitchen at Davis station

    6 July 2007

    Brought to you by the letters C, A, R & P.With only 10 of us on station you would think we would be running amuck. Quite the opposite with re-order stock takes, reports, monthly checks and check ups. A day …

  • Expeditioner having a hot drink while looking at cables

    3 August 2007

    Comms were busy this week continuing their work with all new UPS's installed in each building which are backing up the new Cisco switches ready for the new Cisco phones to be installed. Everything is new! Flat out Photo: Chef …

  • Expeditioners celebrating a 40th birthday at Davis station

    18 May 2007

    This week at Davis has been highlighted by the fact that we had 2 birthdays during the week, and Tony and Dave were both celebrating their 40th year. Tony had organised a trip to Bandits Hut to mark his birthday, …

  • Pink skies and moonlit icebergs

    8 June 2007

    This week's news bought to you by the Davis Doctor (Luigi) This week was marked with a few highlights at Davis.We all said our farewells to the sun as it made its final peep above the horizon.The day at Davis …

  • Expeditioner on quad with petrel leading the way

    25 May 2007

    Icy News from Diesology Another week has passed us by and daylight hours are short, and an adventurous group headed out for a well deserved break on a four day hut crawl. The trip included Bandits, Platcha and Brookes huts, …

  • Expeditioners measuring ice thickness

    1 June 2007

    A few weeks ago ice thickness surveying of HeidemennBay was completed. A new project is now underway to survey from Powell Point to ShirokayaBay. So far two day of drilling has yielded interesting results of water depth. Glen H, Denise …

  • Phil anaesthetises a female Weddell to allow measurement and examination by Judy and Kathryn

    15 December 2006

    This will be our last newsletter before the Aurora Australis appears early next week and probably the last one before the 2006 wintering group (most of them anyway) head home (via Casey). It has been another busy week in the …

  • Snowy mantle

    5 May 2006

    This week has seen the departure of the last remaining elephant seal, who decided it was time to venture forth in search of warmer climes.

  • Sea ice drilling

    21 April 2006

    Well basically started the week off with our Sea Ice monitoring team of Dom, JR and Paul D hitching up some sleds and drilling the usual sites, with the average thickness being 340 …

  • Seal

    7 April 2006

    Another week has flown by at Davis, with the days getting ever shorter, and the sun rising palpably later every day. Moulting Adélie penguins are all but …

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