This week at Davis

  • Sea ice drilling

    21 April 2006

    Well basically started the week off with our Sea Ice monitoring team of Dom, JR and Paul D hitching up some sleds and drilling the usual sites, with the average thickness being 340 …

  • Seal

    7 April 2006

    Another week has flown by at Davis, with the days getting ever shorter, and the sun rising palpably later every day. Moulting Adélie penguins are all but …

  • Awesome!

    31 March 2006

    So we do get snow at Davis!! Our station no longer looks like a mining camp and now has a nice blanket of snow.

  • Snowy mantle

    5 May 2006

    This week has seen the departure of the last remaining elephant seal, who decided it was time to venture forth in search of warmer climes.

  • Camilla, Richard, Mez and Gray

    12 May 2006

    Well another week has flown by at Davis with some superb weather being experienced allowing a few field trips and some ice drilling and monitoring.

  • Council Worker

    2 June 2006

    Council WorkerPhoto: Daryl Xavier   Drilling drilling and more drilling…… Daryl and her trusty side kicks John and Gray have been trecking around the Vestfolds drilling several of Daryl's sample lakes in search of the Ace Lake monster. Only …

  • Man drinking warm drink on day 1 trip to Lake Veretina

    26 May 2006

    Five walkers got away over last Friday-Sunday to Platcha and Trajer Ridge. The trip comprised JR, Daryl, Elmo and Rosco lead by Darron "Jolly King".There was also a serious side as the walk was also part of Daryl's field training.Quads …

  • Mez and slushy Swanny

    19 May 2006

    If Davis is the preferred station then luckily we have the chef to do Davis proud. Last Saturday night saw yet another sumptuous meal prepared lovingly by our Chef Meredith …

  • VHF antenna mast

    24 March 2006

    Met, SAS and Comms have all been busy this week taking advantage of some calm conditions to get some maintenance work done on various towers and masts around the station. The radio tower behind the operations building was on the …

  • Dom and Tika working on the Nordberg

    17 March 2006

    Diesos Chris and Dominic have started their winter maintenance and preparing machinery for the next summer season. The dieso's have just completed their inspections, service and repairs on the crusher.

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