This week at Davis

  • Man wearing hat and facing away from the camera

    31 August 2007

    Greetings from the Rivera of the South. This week's Icy News is brought to you by Fire Trucks from "Nina's" as a bad case of the "couldn't:" bee's attacked the Davis Construction Crew. Another week has flown by here gracing …

  • Deep Lake

    24 August 2007

    Deep Lake Photo: Dan Smith   Friday night saw a great gathering of pilots in the green store to show and discuss their fine engineering skills over an end of week ale. Unlike centuries of flight around the world, …

  • Phil anaesthetises a female Weddell to allow measurement and examination by Judy and Kathryn

    15 December 2006

    This will be our last newsletter before the Aurora Australis appears early next week and probably the last one before the 2006 wintering group (most of them anyway) head home (via Casey). It has been another busy week in the …

  • Contents from a Mawson reefer being systematically inspected for priority freight.

    8 December 2006

    The Mawson 'Mini Resupply' continued this week with a total of five CASA 212 flights now completed. These carried priority required items for work programs plus personal gear and food including fresh produce. Davis looks like "reefer alley" with six …

  • The Aurora 40nm off Davis

    1 December 2006

    Apologies for no news last week. We had a big orange thing here that required everyone's undivided attention! As a result this news will cover two weeks of happenings in and around Davis.

  • Paul and Tony on Tarbuck

    17 November 2006

    Well another week has passed us by with all eagerly awaiting the arrival of the summer crowd aboard the Aurora Australis. Everybody has been keeping busy with the final preparations.

  • Sea ice drilling

    21 April 2006

    Well basically started the week off with our Sea Ice monitoring team of Dom, JR and Paul D hitching up some sleds and drilling the usual sites, with the average thickness being 340 …

  • Seal

    7 April 2006

    Another week has flown by at Davis, with the days getting ever shorter, and the sun rising palpably later every day. Moulting Adélie penguins are all but …

  • Awesome!

    31 March 2006

    So we do get snow at Davis!! Our station no longer looks like a mining camp and now has a nice blanket of snow.

  • Saint Georges Day regalea hat

    28 April 2006

    This was a week for the photographers at Davis, with Saint Georges Day, ANZAC Day, the LIDAR operating, Auroras, and a big snow fall.

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