This week at Davis

  • Periscope of the Fabry-Perot Spectrometers on the IOAC building roof at Davis Station

    22 February 2008

    This weeks' news is brought to you by Theo, a physicist summering at Davis Station. As a guest of the AAD from La Trobe University Physics Department I was privileged to be a passenger on the second A319 flight last …

  • Expeditioner from Davis Station visiting his counterpart at Chinese Station, Zhong Shan

    8 February 2008

    This week's news is brought to you by the ESS. This is what we have all been up to … A team from IOAC (Ray, Didier and Mark) along with a Met tech (Greg) headed to Zhong Shan for three …

  • Low pressure system over Davis last week (Lidar Building in foreground).

    11 January 2008

    This week's news is brought to you by the ESS. This is what we have all been up to: The LIDAR team has just managed to break a massive record … We've collected over 235 hours of data for December. …

  • Google Earth file showing journey route recorded by GPS

    18 January 2008

    Hobart to Davis in under 15 hours: An expeditioner perspective (with noctilucent ice cloud science from the window seat).

  • Quiz night winning team with their prizes

    25 January 2008

    Greeting from Davis, This is brought to you by your very friendly, polite and now even more creative chefs from the heart of the boiler room. It has been another eventful week here on the "Riviera of the south", with …

  • Davis Station Winter Search and Rescue team undertaking training

    1 February 2008

    This week started off seriously, with the winter search and rescue (SAR), team heading into the field for some heavy duty field training, lead by the very lightweight FTO (food tasting officer) Tim G. Much of the two day exercise …

  • Sunset at Davis Station

    4 April 2008

    Hello and welcome to the weekly Davis News This week has seen some stronger winds around station which blew the newly formed sea ice away, but within a couple of days it has started to reform. The ice close into …

  • Sunrise at Davis Station

    11 April 2008

    Hello from Davis, This week Davis has lived up to being "The Riviera of the South". With calm winds around station the sea ice which blew out last week has quickly reformed and looks thicker than before. As the days …

  • Tents at Woop Woop (Davis Station Skiway) during blizzard

    6 June 2008

    Greetings from Davis after another exciting week. During the week an intrepid group of eight consisting of Peter P, Scotty A, Noel C, Jason C, Dwayne R, Mark M, Paul J and Murray R travelled up to Woop Woop (yes …

  • A traditional ANARE field dinner - pre-packaged steak and kidney pie and rehydrated potatoes

    13 June 2008

    Well it has been a very eventful week at Davis, but little time to take too many pictures. During the week, the SAR team were called upon to make their first real (and hopefully last) response to an incident in …

  • Expeditioner sweeping snow from sea ice near Davis Station to locate ice hole

    20 June 2008

    This week has been a rather quiet week by all accounts, especially as everyone is in full work mode building up to the midwinter traverse and the Midwinter's Day celebrations. Our resident biologist continues to work on out on the …

  • Davis Station Chef with his 'kitchen crew' for 2008 Midwinters day dinner

    27 June 2008

    There has been a hive of activity at Davis this week with both the preparations and participation for the Midwinters Day celebrations. The central figure for the day's events was of course our 5 star chef Dwayne R who had …

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