This week at Davis

  • Davis Station Expeditioner with binoculars looking for missing Sun

    4 July 2008

    This week at Davis began with a SAR mission to search for the missing sun, because on the 3rd of June the sun failed to appear and has not been seen since. Collectively we decided to look into this and …

  • Davis Station Chef with his 'kitchen crew' for 2008 Midwinters day dinner

    27 June 2008

    There has been a hive of activity at Davis this week with both the preparations and participation for the Midwinters Day celebrations. The central figure for the day's events was of course our 5 star chef Dwayne R who had …

  • Periscope of the Fabry-Perot Spectrometers on the IOAC building roof at Davis Station

    22 February 2008

    This weeks' news is brought to you by Theo, a physicist summering at Davis Station. As a guest of the AAD from La Trobe University Physics Department I was privileged to be a passenger on the second A319 flight last …

  • Snow on ground at Davis Station

    29 February 2008

    Greetings from Davis station, it's been a busy week preparing for our last visitor of the summer. A hive of activity around station with packing and winterising the station ready for the big orange taxi. The weather which is normally …

  • Expeditioners at Friday evening drinks in Davis Station surgery

    7 March 2008

    Well first week on station on our own, following the departure of the Aurora Australis (AA) and all who sailed on her. With 37 fewer expeditioners on station, and up to 100 overnighting at Davis during V4 – it has …

  • Expeditioners loading rubbish into furnace

    14 March 2008

    Last week, Davis had a visit by the Chinese from Zhong Shan Station. Their visit proved to be the highlight of that week. This week, we were equally looking forward to a visit by the Indians, on Monday 10th March, …

  • Expeditioners dressed as scientists for Friday evening drinks at Davis Station

    15 February 2008

    While our good friends at Casey have been relaxing and enjoying the benefits of a cruise ship in the harbour, we here at Davis have been hard at it keeping the Antarctic program moving along. Last Friday evening commenced with …

  • Expeditioner from Davis Station visiting his counterpart at Chinese Station, Zhong Shan

    8 February 2008

    This week's news is brought to you by the ESS. This is what we have all been up to … A team from IOAC (Ray, Didier and Mark) along with a Met tech (Greg) headed to Zhong Shan for three …

  • Low pressure system over Davis last week (Lidar Building in foreground).

    11 January 2008

    This week's news is brought to you by the ESS. This is what we have all been up to: The LIDAR team has just managed to break a massive record … We've collected over 235 hours of data for December. …

  • Google Earth file showing journey route recorded by GPS

    18 January 2008

    Hobart to Davis in under 15 hours: An expeditioner perspective (with noctilucent ice cloud science from the window seat).

  • Quiz night winning team with their prizes

    25 January 2008

    Greeting from Davis, This is brought to you by your very friendly, polite and now even more creative chefs from the heart of the boiler room. It has been another eventful week here on the "Riviera of the south", with …

  • Davis Station Winter Search and Rescue team undertaking training

    1 February 2008

    This week started off seriously, with the winter search and rescue (SAR), team heading into the field for some heavy duty field training, lead by the very lightweight FTO (food tasting officer) Tim G. Much of the two day exercise …

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