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  • Davis Station Expeditioner with a very dirty LIDAR telescope

    23 January 2009

    This week's News is brought to you by the Ice Oceans Atmosphere and Climate (IOAC) Davis mob. It has been a busy summer for us all. While the weather was bad in November, we cleaned the lidar's telescope plates which …

  • Prince Albert of Monaco and Davis Station Expeditioners inspecting icebergs in the waters near Station

    30 January 2009

    Well, what a week Davis has had. It started of with a flying visit from His Serene Highness (HSH) Prince Albert of Monaco who was on a science visit to Antarctic Stations. Prince Albert fitted in very well with the …

  • Pilots beside one of the S76 helicopters on the Aurora Australis helipad.

    16 January 2009

    There are many cogs turning to keep the Davis Antarctic summer programs ticking along as well as they are this year. Crews from many companies include: Helicopter Resources Skytraders with the CASAs The Canadian Basler crew with the Basler BT-67 …

  • Adelie penguins near Davis Station

    9 January 2009

    Davis has been much more Riviera-like since the arrival of V2 as we have been graced with many days of glorious sunshine and light winds; of mirages and heat shimmer off the exposed rock that characterises Davis station and the …

  • Davis Station Expeditioner drilling hole in ice on Sorsdal Glacier

    6 March 2009

    This week a program of science has been going on near Flanders Moraine on the Sorsdal Glacier. Andy H. who flew all the way over from Sheffield (in England) for the science, together with Harriet P. and a team of …

  • Davis mechanic standing with the blue Hagglunds in the mechanics workshop

    8 May 2009

    Our focus this week at Davis is very much on the operational side of things. We are hoping later in the year to do a winter traverse using Hägglunds vehicles to visit our nearest neighbours the Chinese at their base …

  • Davis Station Expeditioners drilling and measuring the sea ice

    15 May 2009

    This week at Davis Station sees us continuing our sea ice drilling where we check the sea ice thickness over the length and breadth of the Stations sea ice operational area . With measurements greater than 40 cm thick the …

  • Davis station brewery book

    31 July 2009

    Even though it is still three months till the first ship arrives at Davis for re-supply, planning and preparation is well under way. As the ship is "alcohol" free, over 100 ships crew and new expeditioners will arrive on station …

  • Davis station Expeditioner repairing Platcha field hut

    24 July 2009

    Gday from all at Davis. It is becoming harder and harder to keep coming up with new material for the avid readers back home, but we'll give it a go none-the-less. Mid-winter has come and gone, the sun has returned, …

  • Davis station Expeditioners at Mikkelsens Cairn

    7 August 2009

    This week at Davis: 7 August 2009

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