This week at Davis

  • Davis mechanic standing with the blue Hagglunds in the mechanics workshop

    8 May 2009

    Our focus this week at Davis is very much on the operational side of things. We are hoping later in the year to do a winter traverse using Hägglunds vehicles to visit our nearest neighbours the Chinese at their base …

  • Fish and chips dinner ready for Friday night drinks at Davis Station

    29 August 2008

    Greetings from Davis, another week full of fun and joy has passed us by, although we did manage to catch some of it. Friday drinks are always a good social get together, and this week it was the Comms department …

  • Hoar frost on a rope.

    22 August 2008

    G'day to everyone in Australia and around the World who join us each week to catch up on events that shape our lives here at Davis. We've had a healthy dose of sunlight over the past couple of days, and …

  • Davis Station Medical team during a recent surgical training exercise

    5 September 2008

    The Davis Medical team got together recently for a Surgical Exercise. Noel kindly offered to be the "patient", and his anaesthetic was looked after by Dwayne and Ray. Andrew T and Jason assisted Lloyd, the Doc, with the operation. These …

  • Davis Station Expeditioner with iced up motorcycle helmet

    12 September 2008

    Greetings from the Sunny but frozen Riviera of the south, Davis Station. Taking advantage of the abundance of 'rays' during the last week, plenty of people got out 'amongst' it to see the sights.

  • Ferrari

    19 September 2008

    Disclaimer: Please note, this is a work of ficition. Most of it isn't true, and some parts certainly aren't. This week at Davis saw the first test flight of the Airbus for the year. Nervous about making untidy tyre tracks …

  • Australian rider Sonja Johnson and her horse Ringwould Jaguar in action.

    15 August 2008

    Welcome to this Olympic edition of News. We have been excitedly watching the Olympics which the AAD has kindly let us stream in over the interweb. Every night we have gathered hoping to see some of our favourite events like …

  • Emperor penguin sighted near Davis Station

    8 August 2008

    Pete and Lloyd managed to slip out for a couple of day trips out to see the countryside. It seems Watts is becoming the "hut to be seen in".

  • Davis Station Mess looking sparsely populated with 8 Expeditioners off Station with the Larsemann Hills traverse

    11 July 2008

    Well, the Larsemann Hills Traverse is still away, and that means 8 people are off Station. Life on the Station has been very quiet this week, and it has been a battle to find enough material for Icy News. The …

  • First sighting of the Sun above the horizon at Davis Station since before Mid-winter

    18 July 2008

    It's been a big week at Davis, we've had a Blizzard, the return of the Sun over the horizon and the return of the Larsemann Hills traverse group This week marked the return of the sun over the horizon. People …

  • Image of mid-July Sun at Davis Station, only just appearing above the horizon

    25 July 2008

    I'm sure it's been done before, But to make reading this not such a bore, I thought that this time, I'd make our little bit rhyme, And in limerick form – to be sure … Sunset/Sunrise at Davis – They …

  • Davis Station Electrician synchronising he Station's generators

    1 August 2008

    Greetings from Davis. A mechanical flavour to this weeks Icy news. With the excitement of the traverse finished it has been back to the usual jobs involved with keeping the station running smoothly. With most works programs under control with …

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