This week at Davis

  • Davis station Expeditioners busy with paperwork

    10 July 2009

    G'day from Davis with another weekly News. Midwinter's been and gone and the crew seem to have settled into a routine for the next stage of the expedition. From past experience it'll slip by surprisingly quickly. All too soon V1 …

  • Davis Station with the Antarctic Plateau in the background

    5 June 2009

    The sun has set for the last time on Davis and we have now entered the long polar night which will last for the next six weeks. The guys didn't waste the last few hours of sunlight and were all …

  • Davis Station Expeditioner cooking in field hut

    29 May 2009

    Celebrating Roland's Birthday with him this week in the field were Nick, Brett and Ashleigh. A birthday wish of Roland's was a fondue dinner. Nick being a bit of a whizz when it comes to Fondue was able to help …

  • Expeditioners gathered outside for 2009 ANZAC Day Dawn Service at Davis Station

    1 May 2009

    Davis celebrated ANZAC Day this week and every expeditioner on Station attended the dawn service, which fortunately for us was not all that early with the sun rising at 1002 hours. The day started pretty well with Dave and his …

  • Davis Station Expeditioners drilling and measuring the sea ice

    15 May 2009

    This week at Davis Station sees us continuing our sea ice drilling where we check the sea ice thickness over the length and breadth of the Stations sea ice operational area . With measurements greater than 40 cm thick the …

  • Sun setting over the icebergs off Davis Station

    22 May 2009

    The sun is nearly ready to disappear for the mid winter and create the long polar night. On the 2nd of June the sun will set and not return till 10th July when it will rise at 1.40 pm and …

  • The Sun making a brief appearence above the horizon at Davis station following the Winter Solstice

    17 July 2009

    This week Davis celebrated the long awaited return of the Sun on the 10th July. But the Sun hadn't read the schedule and made a very brief unexpected appearance on the 9th July which had expeditioners scurrying for their camera's. …

  • Expeditioners dressed as scientists for Friday evening drinks at Davis Station

    15 February 2008

    While our good friends at Casey have been relaxing and enjoying the benefits of a cruise ship in the harbour, we here at Davis have been hard at it keeping the Antarctic program moving along. Last Friday evening commenced with …

  • Fish and chips dinner ready for Friday night drinks at Davis Station

    29 August 2008

    Greetings from Davis, another week full of fun and joy has passed us by, although we did manage to catch some of it. Friday drinks are always a good social get together, and this week it was the Comms department …

  • Davis Station Medical team during a recent surgical training exercise

    5 September 2008

    The Davis Medical team got together recently for a Surgical Exercise. Noel kindly offered to be the "patient", and his anaesthetic was looked after by Dwayne and Ray. Andrew T and Jason assisted Lloyd, the Doc, with the operation. These …

  • Davis Station Expeditioner with iced up motorcycle helmet

    12 September 2008

    Greetings from the Sunny but frozen Riviera of the south, Davis Station. Taking advantage of the abundance of 'rays' during the last week, plenty of people got out 'amongst' it to see the sights.

  • Ferrari

    19 September 2008

    Disclaimer: Please note, this is a work of ficition. Most of it isn't true, and some parts certainly aren't. This week at Davis saw the first test flight of the Airbus for the year. Nervous about making untidy tyre tracks …

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