This week at Davis

  • Indian delegation with Davis Station Leader

    20 February 2009

    You would think that being at an Antarctic Station would be isolated and you would rarely have a visitor. Not so at Davis, with our constant stream on international visitors this summer continuing this week with a visit from an …

  • Davis Station Expeditioners in the Grove Mountains near Davis Station

    13 February 2009

    Surveyors from Geoscience Australia, Alex W and Ryan R, spent one week working out of Law-Racovita Base in the Larsemann Hills. The guys found themselves in the mix of international Antarctic programs, interacting with the local Russians at Progress II …

  • A pole, three helicopters and endless whiteness.

    6 February 2009

    Greetings all from Davis, which once again has proven itself to be the epicentre of the universe (mind you, Casey does have a ship…) perhaps we're simply a drop-in centre for wayward travellers. Roland, Mark and Tim went to the …

  • Davis station Expeditioners at Mikkelsens Cairn

    7 August 2009

    This week at Davis: 7 August 2009

  • Davis station brewery book

    31 July 2009

    Even though it is still three months till the first ship arrives at Davis for re-supply, planning and preparation is well under way. As the ship is "alcohol" free, over 100 ships crew and new expeditioners will arrive on station …

  • Ashleigh W enjoying the skiing and the nacreous clouds in the twilight.

    14 August 2009

    This week's Davis Icy News is proudly brought to you by the only one on station who was happy with the result of mid July's Bledisloe Cup match! Woo-hoo! Let's hope the All Blacks can repeat the result next time. …

  • Moderate blowing snow at Davis

    21 August 2009

    Blizzard Alert This week Davis "The Riviera of the South" was host to its first blizzard in several months. At the peak of the blizzard, the wind speeds exceeded 70 knots and visibility was reduced to less than a few …

  • Deep Lake near Davis

    28 August 2009

    What a wonderful week at Davis, truly the Riviera of the Antarctic. Clear blue skies and ample sunshine. The fine weather saw a team head up to Deep Lake to take some scientific measurements of the water the level. Deep …

  • Davis station Expeditioner repairing Platcha field hut

    24 July 2009

    Gday from all at Davis. It is becoming harder and harder to keep coming up with new material for the avid readers back home, but we'll give it a go none-the-less. Mid-winter has come and gone, the sun has returned, …

  • Davis mechanic standing with the blue Hagglunds in the mechanics workshop

    8 May 2009

    Our focus this week at Davis is very much on the operational side of things. We are hoping later in the year to do a winter traverse using Hägglunds vehicles to visit our nearest neighbours the Chinese at their base …

  • Davis Station 2008-09 Summer Expeditioners

    13 March 2009

    What a week at Davis, one full of emotions, some with joy and others with remorse. After nearly 5 months together it was time to say goodbye to our summer colleagues and friends. Over the summer Davis has been a …

  • Science presentation at Davis Station

    20 March 2009

    What a difference a week makes at Davis, especially when the population has shrunk from nearly 80 to just 18. But prior to the ship sailing last week the station had the pleasure of one last scientific presentation on the …

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