This week at Davis

  • The AMISOR Camp

    8 January 2010

    Food and fun at Christmas and New Year's celebrations, international hospitality with Chinese, Russian and Indian expeditioners, and drysuit diving in freezing waters.

  • Davis Summer Station Group Photo

    18 December 2009

    The sea ice finally breaks away, new living quarters under construction, regular trips to prepare the Woop Woop skiway for January flights, visiting Russian geologists, details of science programs progress (LIDAR, AMISOR, emperor penguin chick tracking, collecting for the new aquarium and meteorological observations), preparations for a field trip to the Chinese station Zhong Shan underway, Christmas preparations and powerhouse maintenance still has the coffee machine out of action.

  • Sea ice at Davis still reaches out almost 10 kms

    11 December 2009

    Ten kms of sea ice still remains, chopper trips to investigate reports of a new emperor penguin colony, LIDAR news with the first summer polar mesopheric clouds (indicators of climate change) detected, and powerhouse maintenance sadly takes out the coffee machine.

  • Restocking the Green Store fresh and dried goods

    4 December 2009

    Resupply delivers fresh goodies to restock the pantry, fridge and field fuel depots, tradies quietly restore living conditions, the continuing AMISOR ice shelf project and new diving project to assess sewerage impacts off to a successful start, Weddell seal and Adelie penguin surveys completed, field training continues and newest Antarctic Specially Protected Area, Amanda Bays emperor penguins visited.

  • 27 November 2009

    Davis has been a flurry of activity with the late arrival of V1 to the fast ice, followed by poor weather, resupply operations had a slow start. However the operation had been well planned and with many very experienced old …

  • 20 November 2009

    Chaos reigns as the Aurora Australis attempts to reach the station through the ice a video of the struggle is included.

  • Davis station Fire Muster Board

    13 November 2009

    Well the "A" factor (Antarctic) didn't let us down this week and although we all have our suitcases packed the Aurora Australis did not turn up on time, ensuring that we submit another edition of This Week at Davis. Fortunately, …

  • Davis Station Expeditioner

    6 November 2009

    This week marked our one year anniversary on the Antarctic, as we arrived on the 1st November 2008. This week also nearly brings to an end our time here with the Aurora Australis due for resupply & changeover next week. …

  • LIDAR setup at Davis Station

    30 October 2009

    Beautiful weather, faithful LIDAR, wildlife returns to breed and spectacular iceberg photos.

  • Davis' collection of 16 Mill movies in their original suitcases

    23 October 2009

    Goodbye to reel-to-reel movies, a plethora of seal pups and the World motorcycle grand prix.

  • Kazak water line - the sea ice has broken out and open water can be seen

    16 October 2009

    Adelie penguins return, preparation for arrival of Aurora Australis and CASA 212 planes, new station bathrooms and waiting for pregnant Weddell seals to pup.

  • Davis expeditioners

    9 October 2009

    The year is rapidly coming to end for the winterers at Davis, with less then three weeks before the ship departs Hobart to come and get the majority of us. Three winterers Roland, Steve and Paul are staying on for …

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