This week at Davis

  • Penguins on an ice floe

    4 February 2011 Single page view

    Outdoor SAR training begins, perfect weather for jollies, and international hospitality at Davis.

  • Expeditioner demonstrates correct techniques with the ice axe

    28 January 2011 Single page view

    Australia Day elephant seal and expeditioners enjoying a swim, more field training and work around station.

  • Expeditioner collecting samples

    21 January 2011 Single page view

    A historical look at station life and interview with a 'good igg'.

  • Small crustacean under microscope

    11 January 2011 Single page view

    With renewed energies after a visit from Santa Claus and his elves, life at Davis came back to normality for a few days, before it was time for New Year's celebrations!

  • Christmas at Davis

    7 January 2011 Single page view

    A white Christmas was enjoyed by all at Davis.

  • Drawing of a mouse asking two penguins what a mouse is

    24 December 2010 Single page view

    Twas a coupla nights before Xmas, and all through the House, some Creatures were stirring...

  • Two penguins walk along the ice, one with its flippers spread wide.

    17 December 2010 Single page view

    Earlier this week wild winds kept us almost literally on our toes, but it settled down by the weekend. Now we await the retreat of the sea ice, particularly so the marine biologists can begin sea urchin collection. Preparations for Christmas are also underway!

  • Davis summer personnel

    10 December 2010 Single page view

    Summer group photo, visitors, visiting and new works, sea urchin science, aquarium ready for residents, and weekend play.

  • Timo V showing his support for FC Hansa Rostock on Gardner Island. Penguins unimpressed.

    3 December 2010 Single page view

    German iron lidar installed, Rayleigh lidar continues operation, iceberg alley, wildlife, football, early moult, under the ice and AWI visitors.

  • Aurora Australis in the sea ice

    26 November 2010 Single page view

    The ship departed on Saturday following five very busy days. We have been moving containers and unpacking boxes ever since.

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