This week at Davis

  • Colourful sky - Davis 2012

    6 July 2012 Single page view

    Davis - the home of stunning skies, button pushing electricians, would be carpenters, and the brown blizzard!

  • Davis Midwinter Dinner 2012. A shot of the table with all the guests around it

    29 June 2012 Single page view

    Davis midwinter special including the preparations, the brunch, the swim, the dinner, the excuses, the sunglasses, the play, and the band. We got it all!

  • Davis Golf Game 2012 - golfer silhoutted with colourful sky laced with clouds in background

    22 June 2012 Single page view

    Winter hues, golfing trip, tower views and a preview of Midwinter celebrations from Davis this week.

  • Platcha Hut

    15 June 2012 Single page view

    Davis this week has an in depth interview with Comms Tech Greg, a trip to Platcha Hut and a dieso's perspective on work in Antarctica.

  • Hot water throwing at minus -30C (image 3/6)

    8 June 2012 Single page view

    From Davis this week: An Antarctic Dictionary, plenty of cake, making clouds from boiling water, cheesy goodness, SAR training, and farewell to the sun. How do we fit it all in?

  • Balloon launch with aurora in the background

    1 June 2012 Single page view

    This week we ate cake in support of cancer research, said farewell to the sun and took a look at station life for some at Davis.

  • Matt Ryan sitting on a small vehicle

    25 May 2012 Single page view

    Temperatures plummet but spirits are high at Davis this week as we host a chilly murder mystery and examine plans for the new WTF. The Doc also interviews dashing Aircraft Ground Support Officer, Matt Ryan.

  • The view across Tryne Sound to the plateau

    18 May 2012 Single page view

    At Davis this week: Auroras, Bandit's, Mother's Day and birthday cakes.

  • Aurora and LIDAR laser at Davis

    11 May 2012 Single page view

    As the days draw in at Davis, we have experienced another spectacular aurora (with laser), indoor extreme sports, winterising the station, a super moon and a drop of our special station brew.

  • Snowflakes at Davis

    4 May 2012 Single page view

    Snowflake, sunrises, HF upgrades, plus seals and seal biologists at Davis this week.

  • Sunrise at Davis Anzac Day 2012 - sunrise behind army hat

    27 April 2012 Single page view

    Davis commemorate Anzac Day, casts on, looks to the heavens, cuts some pipes, and drills the sea-ice.

  • Menu and champagne bottle on a white table cloth.

    20 April 2012 Single page view

    Davis remembers the Titanic, deals with snow, makes the most of the last of the seals, cleans the ktichen, and welcomes a new station member.

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