This week at Davis

  • Berg catching the sun

    5 August 2011 Single page view

    Mezzanines, manhauling madness, making the best of a sunny day and more of Jenn's Ten hit the news at Davis

  • Rob Deerson

    29 July 2011 Single page view

    Trips to historical cairns and Boulder Depot, how to keep the station warm, more of the Doc's wanderings about station and science explained to stimulate the brain.

  • Blizz tails

    22 July 2011 Single page view

    A wander around Davis , Dieso News and what to do with a big lotto win? hit the headlines this week.

  • Sunrise

    15 July 2011 Single page view

    Super heroes abound at Birthday Bash, a dog's life, time to move a few old expeditioners, what the LIDAR guys get up to when the weather is bad, the return of the sun and Jenns Ten headline this week at Davis.

  • Kerry Steinberner

    8 July 2011 Single page view

    Davis, the so called 'Riviera of the south' gets its first real blizzard for the winter. Jenn the roving reporter interviews the BSS (Building Services Supervisor) and an update from the Mechanics.

  • Sweeping pink, red and orange sky with the  Haag silhouetted.

    1 July 2011 Single page view

    A birthday surprise or two, Jenn's ten turned on Jenn, A crisis on the beach, beam me up Bernie and more hit this weeks news.

  • MW Swim Pool

    24 June 2011 Single page view

    Midwinter celebrations, a dinner to remember, building a mezzanine, icy swims and Jenn's Ten headline this week.

  • Lunar Eclipse

    17 June 2011 Single page view

    Woop Woop and back, probing the polar atmosphere, the lunar eclipse and Jenn's Ten make the news this week.

  • Aurora over Davis

    10 June 2011 Single page view

    Visits to Historic sites, Jenn's Ten with the Doc and more goings on around station make this week's news.

  • Striped iceberg

    3 June 2011 Single page view

    Jenn's 10, Hidden places, an update on the new LQ and searching for iron in the sky headline this week.

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