This week at Davis

  • Historical image from 1964 of Davis Station Expeditioners collecting snow for water

    27 February 2009

    This week's news, by Mark P, is focused on water, and the efforts to provide water at Davis since the Station's establishment In January 1957, ANARE established Australia's second Antarctic Station, Davis, in time for the commencement of the International …

  • Indian delegation with Davis Station Leader

    20 February 2009

    You would think that being at an Antarctic Station would be isolated and you would rarely have a visitor. Not so at Davis, with our constant stream on international visitors this summer continuing this week with a visit from an …

  • Davis Station Expeditioners in the Grove Mountains near Davis Station

    13 February 2009

    Surveyors from Geoscience Australia, Alex W and Ryan R, spent one week working out of Law-Racovita Base in the Larsemann Hills. The guys found themselves in the mix of international Antarctic programs, interacting with the local Russians at Progress II …

  • A pole, three helicopters and endless whiteness.

    6 February 2009

    Greetings all from Davis, which once again has proven itself to be the epicentre of the universe (mind you, Casey does have a ship…) perhaps we're simply a drop-in centre for wayward travellers. Roland, Mark and Tim went to the …

  • Davis station Expeditioners at Mikkelsens Cairn

    7 August 2009

    This week at Davis: 7 August 2009

  • Another beautiful day at Davis Station

    3 April 2009

    This week at Davis the fire team has seen quite a bit of action. We held numerous fire training sessions for the entire Davis Crew. Of course the major concern with running an outdoor training session is the weather. I …

  • Elephant Seals on Davis Station Foreshore

    27 March 2009

    This week was unusually mild and sunny. Temperatures didn't go into double digit negatives and there was little wind adding bite through wind-chill. So all creatures big and small enjoyed the climate. The resident elephant-seal population was mostly sleeping in …

  • Davis Station Expeditioners checking fast ice thickness are watched by two penguins

    17 April 2009

    This week's agenda was rather eventful. Let's look back for a moment … We had beautiful snowfall without any wind which transformed the Davis appearance from the usual rocky to fairy tale. We had not 1 but 3 Birthdays to …

  • Davis Station Expeditioner drilling sea ice for depth measurement

    24 April 2009

    Winter has truly set in with the sea ice growing at a very steady rate. Once the sea ice gets to a safe depth, it will be opened to traffic and expeditioners will be able to use station transport to …

  • Expeditioners gathered outside for 2009 ANZAC Day Dawn Service at Davis Station

    1 May 2009

    Davis celebrated ANZAC Day this week and every expeditioner on Station attended the dawn service, which fortunately for us was not all that early with the sun rising at 1002 hours. The day started pretty well with Dave and his …

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