This week at Davis

  • Sunset at Davis

    6 April 2012 Single page view

    Performance review time, the Aurora Australis' arrival and departure (and what happened in-between), the Doctor's Dozen and more. It's been a busy week at Davis.

  • Davis dessert

    30 March 2012 Single page view

    A sad day for Antarctic Meteorology, cleaning up the back yard, and our summer farewells.

  • Elephant seal with tag under Davis welcome sign

    23 March 2012 Single page view

    More trips to the Larsemanns, countdown to the ship's arrival, elephant seal playground, and the Doc's Dozen.

  • Walking to Chinese Station in the Larsemann Hills

    16 March 2012 Single page view

    Visitors, Visiting, Sport, Science and Food. Variety is the spice of life at Davis!

  • A large green aurora lights up the sky over Davis station

    9 March 2012 Single page view

    The techs keep it ticking, the AGSOs and the Drums, auroras, and a new interviews feature,The Doctor's Dozen, from Davis this week.

  • Dressing up for band performance at Davis - makeup and rainbow coloured hair

    2 March 2012 Single page view

    At Davis this week: Arts 'n' Crafts, Mexican banquets, and rock well as work!

  • Boats out at Davis

    24 February 2012 Single page view

    Some Work and Some Play at Davis this week including a myriad of bird sightings.

  • Juvenile heart urchin - orange with tentacle-like arms sticking out.

    17 February 2012 Single page view

    This summer Davis has struggled to live up to its moniker 'The Riviera of the South'. A noticeable chill in the air heralds the coming winter, with just a few of the glorious days that Davis is known for.

  • Expeditioner looks over the Vestfold Hills, a lake far below to the right

    10 February 2012 Single page view

    The new Davis wharf takes shape, venturing into the Vestfold Hills and farewell to the fixed-wing crew.

  • Sunset at Davis on Australia Day

    3 February 2012 Single page view

    Return of the big, fat Elephant Seals, a visit to the Prince Charles Mountains and some helicopter hauling.

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