This week at Davis

  • Hagglunds about to drive past a blue iceberg stuck in the sea ice.

    25 November 2016

    After our station handover last Friday night we underwent a change of guard, so to speak. This week we've had lots of safety drills to prime the new teams into their roles within the Antarctic setting, and there was also the fun job of a traverse to set up the skiway for our aviation program.

  • Adélie penguins on the ice next to the fuel line near the ship

    18 November 2016

    This week at Davis the weather tells us it is summer, the ships arrival starts the season, and we have one special new arrival on station.

  • A photo where steam from the Weddell seal pups breath is visible

    11 November 2016

    This week we take a last look at Platcha, prepare for the ship and say farewell

  • Plane landing on ski landing area

    4 November 2016

    This week at Davis we cleaned up the kitchen, opened the skiway and welcomed our first summer visitors.

  • Two pregnant Weddell seals with the lead in the sea ice in the background

    28 October 2016

    Out and about in the Vestfold Hills and winter music making at Davis this week.

  • Two well fed Adelie penguins contemplate a pile of stones

    21 October 2016

    This week at Davis the wildlife returns, we visit Trajer Ridge and we prepare the vehicles for a busy summer.

  • An expeditioner with two quad bikes on the sea ice

    14 October 2016

    At Davis this week we see the first Weddell seal pup, reflect on a year and celebrate a birthday.

  • Dr John Parker holding the snow thickness measuring equipment on the sea ice in front of Davis

    7 October 2016

    At Davis we are thinking pink, measuring sea ice and snow depth, plus getting our blue Hagg back on track.

  • Penumbral lunar eclipse, slight shading of lower section of the moon

    30 September 2016

    Davis firsts, penumbral lunar eclipse and a mountain of snow to move this week.

  • An photo that looks like the moon is being held in the palm of a hand

    23 September 2016

    At Davis this week we visit Hawker Island and travel to the plateau where we meet some curious emperor penguins.

  • Darren White gives the thumbs up to indicate a good nights sleep in his snow cave and bivy

    16 September 2016

    This week we find out what the problem was with the washing machine, Dr John opens up his theatre and Daz tests out his sleeping bag with an overnight stay in a snow cave he made.

  • Aaron and John and the automatic camera with its solar panel on Magnetic Island

    9 September 2016

    A trip around the huts, out to Magnetic Island and a birthday celebrated at Davis this week

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