This week at Davis

  • A large mobile crane holds a pontoon in place as it floats on the grey tarn.

    10 January 2020

    An engineering services supervisor's take on reverse-osmosis units, penguin visitors and field trips in the hills.

  • The Davis cohort pose in front of a red helicopter for a snowy, Christmas themed group photo.

    3 January 2020

    Reminiscing over the past fortnight of Christmas and new year festivities at Davis

  • Nine Adelie penguins peer inquisitively into the camera lens, while many blue icebergs occupy the background

    20 December 2019

    Dr Louise Emmerson's fond reflections on her past two months of work on the seabird science program at Davis.

  • The field training group and their quad bikes pose for a group photo in front of a blue, triangular iceberg

    13 December 2019

    Field Training Officer Jason leads a group consisting of Doctor Rhys, Station Leader David, Met Tech Pat, and Plumber John out into the Davis wilderness.

  • Engineer Mike crouches over a drill hole while checking its depth with a measuring tape.

    6 December 2019

    An update on infrastructure work and science happening at Davis

  • Two men walk across the blue sea ice while carrying equipment

    29 November 2019

    Some of the summer science at Davis

  • A group of people wearing yellow and red lined up under the wing of a plane

    22 November 2019

    The new team hits the ground running

  • A man is standing on the sea ice in front of a yellow truck parked in front of a red icebreaker ship

    15 November 2019

    It's 'go go go' with the arrival of the Aurora Australis

  • Davis sea ice and sunset

    8 November 2019

    Highlights of the past, and those to come

  • Meeting the Canadians at Davis skiway

    1 November 2019

    Fresh faces arrive

  • Davis station Library clean up

    25 October 2019

    Getting our house in order

  • Deep Lake observation point

    18 October 2019

    Expeditioners supporting science

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