This week at Davis

29 October 2010
Penguins and sunset Lots has been happening at Davis. A walk around the station reveals mischief, works in progress preparing for the arrival of Voyage 1 and new expeditioners, the the results of a fishing competition, a lucky few witnessing the collapsing of a thawing lake, and penguins at sunset - magic! 29 October 2010

20 October 2010
First in, best nest We visited Magnetic Island, the site of a large Adélie penguin colony, so that Adam could make adjustments to the cameras set up there. There were a number of birds scattered around the colony, but most were not yet committing themselves to a position. One conscientious individual must have arrived a few days earlier as he had already finished his nest, ready for his partner when she returns. 20 October 2010

15 October 2010 All on one page
Pinnacle and butte icebergs On one of the best days we've had for a while. Trips to Brookes, Trajer Ridge, Bandits Hut. SAR exercise and other activities.

8 October 2010
When the emperors have had enough they just leave Overcast skies returned late Tuesday, followed by the wind on Wednesday night. However this did not deter the intrepid-type expeditioners who still managed to maximise photo ops on the clear-sky days for sight seeing expeditions to the Sorsdal Glacier and a wild life spotting tour around Long Fjord. Local wildlife came to investigate expeditioners and when they'd had enough, just left... 8 October 2010

1 October 2010
Ten emperors plus onlookers We headed off to investigate the area around Bandit's Hut and happened upon a group of emperor penguins milling not far from the entrance to Tyrne Sound. We got off the quads several hundred metres away and settled on the ice to watch them. They quickly spotted us and marched over to investigate, staying for close to an hour as we clicked away. 1 October 2010

24 September 2010
High polar stratospheric clouds An image depicting the Mother of Pearl appearance that high polar stratospheric clouds can exhibit. As beautiful as they are, their chemistry helps to break down the ozone layer every spring. 24 September 2010

17 September 2010
Ice crystals on the hut window Blowing snow at the moment - has calmed a little, but I'm not leaving Ops until its below 100 km/hr. 17 September 2010

10 September 2010
The Sørsdal glacier is reflected in Ben's sunglasses Many great photo opportunities arose on our recent trips which included Bandits, Watts hut, and Suter Island. We also found out which of us are Masters of Trivia and benefited from Nige's baking sessions with Kim. 10 September 2010

3 September 2010
Davis 1957 Wintering Team One of the main goals of the 2010 wintering team at Davis has been the on-going work on a new living quarters for the station, which are considerably different to those experienced by the initial Davis wintering team in 1957.  This week we look back at the conditions and facilities provided for that initial Davis wintering team. 3 September 2010

27 August 2010
Davis expeditioner digging out burried vehicle The wind picked up on Sunday night and by Monday was gusting to 137 km/hr, shifting snow around and piling it up against any obstacle, including the vehicles in true blizzard style. The aftermath involved digging out vehicles burried in the snow. 27 August 2010

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