This week at Davis

  • Sea ice frozen off station

    17 April 2015 Single page view

    This week at Davis, we talk trash and trips, our plumbers do what had to be done, our Doc does her dozen and, it snows. Happy days. Best wishes to all of you.

  • Chocolates and pawprints left from the easter bunny

    10 April 2015 Single page view

    This week at Davis we celebrated Easter, counted seals, saved potatoes, and waded through plenty of snow, all in addition to the steady tempo of infrastructure and science activities taking place, and with time to rest over the holiday period. Happy Easter to all of you at home.

  • Two expeditioners facing camera whilst working on pipe work

    3 April 2015 Single page view

    Welcome to winter. This week at Davis our newly arrived expeditioners undertake survival training, our team of plumbers, electricians and general trades solve big problems in medium sized pipes and ,when time permitted, some trooped off into the hills, to be seen again, later...

  • A helicopter hovers in background with haggalunds track vehicle in foreground

    27 March 2015 Single page view

    Insight into the operational side of an emergency medical evacuation at Davis station.

  • Expeditioners shake hands in foreground with resupply ship in background

    20 March 2015 Single page view

    Those at Davis farewell beloved summer colleagues.

  • close up of expeditioners face with ice in beard

    13 March 2015 Single page view

    This week at Davis, our intrepid expeditioners bring you out onto the Amery ice shelf, take you around our site services, for pre-dinner nibbles in the CPC building, introduce you to the smiles behind VLZ Davis, celebrate some anniversaries and introduce you to Jimmy H, the Davis ping pong champion and field training officer.

  • Hagg towing a mobile work shelter in low light across sea ice

    6 March 2015 Single page view

    Hello everyone. Thanks for tuning in once again. This week at Davis, (probably the last before the big orange taxi comes to take our friends away)has seen us on roofs, taking water out of lakes for science and for storage, practicing our search and rescue skills, hosting Russian expeditioners and celebrating the end of our Summer season, all beneath an ever-darkening sky filled with the glow of auroras.

  • Boat crew navigating calm waters on an inflatable dinghy

    27 February 2015 Single page view

    Hello again. Yes, Winter is coming. The Davis expedition team this week awoke to find the station under a blanket of fresh snow, concealing the brown earth we have grown used to treading over these last months, an indication to all that the end of the summer season is not far away. Amidst the snowfalls our workgroups were as productive as always, pumping water through the reverse osmosis system, painting workshop floors, undertaking asbestos removal from the old living quarters, familiarising themselves with search and rescue equipment, launching science field trips down to Kazak Island and embracing the extraordinary artistic skills of many on station. All the very best from another week at Davis.

  • Stretcher being lowered by the team

    20 February 2015 Single page view

    So, we lost the KBA ten kilometre challenge to Casey, but hey, we cooked up many feasts, gathered friends from the Chinese ship Xue Long and the Indian station Bharati, lowered stretchers off cliffs, held pool and darts competition finals, conducted an exclusive interview with the Davis 'Ice Cream Tsar' and recovered a fallen NASA Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna. Just another week at Davis.

  • 13 February 2015 Single page view

    Greetings everyone and thanks for tuning in again. This week at Davis features plumbing works, stars of the big screen Jan W and Rowdy, arts and crafts, Sansom Island hut replacement, beautiful sunsets, BBQ celebrations at the waste water treatment plant and a retrospective on James H's adventures in the Prince Charles Mountains.

  • C130 Hercules airborne. Photo taken from below

    6 February 2015 Single page view

    Hello everyone, Thank you for your kind attention. This week's edition features Hercules, icebergs, crushed drums, ice climbing, international visitors, search and rescue (SAR) training, electricians and the little gingerbread man that could.

  • Elephant seal yawning

    30 January 2015 Single page view

    It was a big news week at Davis station.The plumbers make the cut in site services, field parties out to Hop Island and Amanda Bay, drinks with the Doctor, Australia Day celebrations, science in the field, a review of the AGSO season that was, and introducing the newest member of the Davis weekly news team.

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