This week at Davis

  • Tradespersons standing in front of the new hut facing camera

    12 December 2014 Single page view

    Davis station continues important site work, conducts an emergency medical drill, expeditioners receive tracked vehicle training and a new hut finds a home at Hop Island. Next week, results of the annual Davis table tennis tournament!

  • Tradesmen welding bracket for pipe work

    5 December 2014 Single page view

    This week, under blue skies and warm sunshine (relatively speaking), the Davis team have forged ahead with their programming with infrastructure projects both on and off station, aviation operations to Beaver Lake, Mawson and Enderby Land, Sansom and Hop Islands and lakes in the station operating area. Science projects are ongoing, as are our weather observations, field trainings and station supply activities. This week the station farewelled our highly capable operations coordinator, Anthony Hull (Hully). The station wishes Hully the very best in his latest deployment within the AAD's Antarctic programme.

  • Female scientist in white coat holding a sample up to the light behind the screen of a fume cupboard

    28 November 2014 Single page view

    Greetings to everyone reading this at home. This week at Davis saw our expeditioners covering the sea, air and land around Davis on a variety of infrastructure projects, science experiments, aviation operations and field trainings. With 78 expeditioners on station including some transiting friends from Mawson, Davis station is full of activity. Now concluding our second full week here, the team is settling into a rhythm, a social committee is in full swing as is a range of friendly competitions. Next week sees the first installment of 'Radio Davis'! Stay tuned with our warmest greetings. The Davis crew.

  • Videocamera filming video screen with expeditioners and Chinese president

    21 November 2014 Single page view

    After the hard work of resupply, this week has been a good opportunity for all those at Davis (long timers and new comers) to find their feet in their work roles and on the ice around station. This week weather has hampered flying but that hasn't stopped us from getting down to business.

  • Group of people dragging the hose back into a container alongside the Aurora Australis

    14 November 2014 Single page view

    Davis station is very busy completing resupply this week but expeditioners take a moment to share a few photos.

  • Expeditioner holding up an old Australian flag

    7 November 2014 Single page view

    Davis fills its pages with photos this week as new expeditioners arrive, including new station leader James Moloney.

  • Expeditioners dressed in fire clothing listening to the fire chief

    31 October 2014 Single page view

    An emergency response drill at Davis station means some colourful action plus tons of great pics including baby seals!

  • Expeditioner in the cabin of a large snow groomer

    24 October 2014 Single page view

    Deep Lake requires a visit; and with the Aurora Australis on its way, Davis marks the end of winter.

  • Adélie penguin footprints in the snow

    17 October 2014 Single page view

    A bumper issue after last week's technical problems. It includes the 2014 winter team photo shoot, fire team training, field work, a birthday, and the welcome return of wildlife.

  • Leaf like patterns of ice crystals on a window

    10 October 2014 Single page view

    No news from Davis this week as the station has had some technical difficulties.

  • Expeditioner sitting amongst snow and rock with a camping stove

    3 October 2014 Single page view

    Preparations are underway to clear a landing strip for planes at Davis station. In the field, unpredictable Antarctic conditions slow down science. Rob celebrates a stellar birthday and expeditioners share photos of some recent stunning sights.

  • Close up photo of expeditioner wearing goggles

    26 September 2014 Single page view

    Nick's cartoon depicts how to make a big work task fun, and a group of eight get stranded (safely) for a few extra days at the Rauers.

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