This week at Davis

  • Expeditioner sitting on bench in front of Platcha hut

    10 July 2015 Single page view

    This week at Davis, the last before the sun returns to pay us a visit, the team has been busy with stock takes and infrastructure works as well as plenty of field trips and some great nights in over the weekend. Best wishes to you all and thanks for checking up on us.

  • Jagged edges of iceberg silhouetted against sky

    3 July 2015 Single page view

    Who says nothing happens on station in the middle of winter? Under a big, bright moon the team at Davis have been installing bedroom furniture, conducting field based search and rescue exercises, striving to achieve Olympian feats, taking field trips to the northern limits of the station operating area, munching on fresh green salads courtesy of our hydroponics gurus (and chef), and sharing their stories in the Doc's Dozen. We're also busy with monthly maintenance checks, plaster board installs, ring main unit fit outs and stock takes etc.

  • Pre-dinner photo of the expedition team seated at the midwinter dinner. Everyone is dressed up and surrounded by all the flags of the Antarctic Treaty nations.

    26 June 2015 Single page view

    Happy midwinter everyone. Thank you for your very kind well wishes and greetings. Hopefully you all celebrated the day in good order as well. We've done quite a bit of work this week, but on the lighter side, please enjoy the enclosed profile on our midwinter day celebrations, the second instalment of the winter Olympics and our video conference with budding expeditioners back in Australia.

  • A black and white photograph of the wintering team

    19 June 2015 Single page view

    This week at Davis our teams head north and south on the sea ice to Bandits, Brookes, Watts and Platcha huts. Our infrastructure crews are hard at work in the living quarters and waste water treatment facility, our curling facility is christened with a Friday night opening ceremony, and the preparations for our midwinter celebrations begin in earnest. (Except for our chef who has been working solidly on it for several weeks). For you, dear reader, may we extend an invitation to join us for the occasion (invitation attached).

  • Bearded expeditioner in workshop hiding a handmade gift with a smirk

    12 June 2015 Single page view

    Hi everyone. Thanks for checking in again. All's well with us down here! The skies have cleared a little and temperatures have dropped again. We're having a good week here and hope for you the same. Stay tuned and next week we introduce a new segment 'This week at Davis; Retrospective' featuring excerpts from past station logs way back in the day. All the best from us.

  • Groomer silhouetted in headlights

    5 June 2015 Single page view

    Hello everyone and goodbye to sunshine as this week the crew at Davis saw the sun dip below the horizon, not to reappear for some weeks to come and that's ok. We've plenty of carrots. We also have some new additions to our station fleet of vehicles, some ropes for getting out of holes and the Doc's dozen.

  • Photo of sea ice around ice bergs

    29 May 2015 Single page view

    Under fresh snowfalls we at Davis give greetings to you all. This week, the station commemorates National Reconciliation, our lay surgical assistants put Scotty 'under the knife', our field parties head south to Watts hut and Crooked Fjord. Davo cleans up in darts and the crew get stuck into plastering and furniture exchange. Best wishes to you all.

  • Expeditioners stand in front of sunrise conducting a sea ice drill

    22 May 2015 Single page view

    Hi everyone. Brrhhh! It's been a cold week here and the crew have kept warm out on the site services and quads, sending balloons off, testing the water and traipsing around the station catching the aurora lights. But nothing warms quite like a good whisky in the belly!

  • Expeditioners continue to attempt starting the quads

    15 May 2015 Single page view

    Hello everyone. For those of you in Melbourne who are experiencing their own deep freeze, we send warm wishes and the best of the week so far. Our infrastructure team are on cranes and scaffolds checking fire systems and installing ducting. We raise a flag to our flag officer Kevin M, take you into the world of 'Team Dieso', head out onto the sea ice on quads, find a 'lost' expeditioner and meet another of our team through our Doc's Dozen.

  • expeditioners unloading containers as a bobcat clears snow from the roads around station

    8 May 2015 Single page view

    Hello everyone, we hope you're all keeping well. This week at Davis, ducting installed and floors painted, the commissioning of the hydroponics container, emergency response presentations, the southernmost furniture removalists in the world, climbing the walls and our Doc's dozen.

  • Anzac Day display of wartime memorabilia

    1 May 2015 Single page view

    This week Davis commemorated Anzac Day, held a fire exercise, and attended an elaborate display of electronics know-how (we also worked). Included from a past week are some picturess of the gents downstairs in the Crow-Bar in a bottling bonanza.

  • Expeditioner perched on a tower in safety equipment

    24 April 2015 Single page view

    This week at Davis: Ain't no anemometer tower high enough, ain't no 5,000lt sewerage tank low enough, ain't no tide crack wide enough to stop from bringing this to you…

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