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  • A group of emperor penguins standing on sea ice with icebergs in the background

    2 October 2015 Single page view

    Davis is ever busy, offering up a great interview with a repeat expeditioner Dave, pics from two trips, the Davis post office, a follow up on the tarn story and Oktoberfest with homebrew. Prost!

  • Expeditioner silhouetted against sun on horizon whilst throwing water that freezes in mid air

    25 September 2015 Single page view

    Hi everyone. This week at Davis we welcome back the traverse team, we head out with Adam to the cameras up on Gardner Island, the gentlemen in our infrastructure team get busy painting, installing and fixing and our Doc interviews Ms Vicki H.

  • Two expeditioners kneeling in front of exposed site services piping

    18 September 2015 Single page view

    Well, guess what friends and family, and all our other readers? It snowed again here! Then it cleared enough for some adventures and work, and then it snowed again. Wishing you all a great week from Davis.

  • Expeditioner sits atop a frozen lake illuminated by torchlight set into holes in the ice surrounded by darkness

    11 September 2015 Single page view

    Another week here on the riviera of the south! This week buried yet again beneath a layer of snow. There's also bread making, work, training and some pretty lake photos.

  • Weddell seal looking camera directly in the eye

    4 September 2015 Single page view

    Hi everyone, thanks for your patience. We've sorted out our technical issues and bring you last week's 'This Week at Davis' with a bonus story about our Father's Day drinks yesterday evening. Happy Father's Day everyone and wishing you all a great start to the week!!

  • Expeditioner standing on frozen ice facing camera from a distance

    28 August 2015 Single page view

    There is so much happening at Davis, as usual. We invite you to take a look at how expeditioners work and play in and around Davis station.

  • Delayed exposure shot of stars above Davis station.

    21 August 2015 Single page view

    As the snows fall around us and the wind occasionally howls, the team take part in a station auction and quiz night, look to the night skies, send some very engaging government Tweets and get down to the work of projects, maintenance, stocktakes and science.

  • An expeditioner's face covered in snow and ice.

    14 August 2015 Single page view

    As the sun moves a little higher in the sky the team have done us proud once again. The carpenter's hammer's in the final nail on the coffin of the Davis Winter Olympics competition, the infrastructure team manoeuvres a grease trap, green auroras light the way through the night, the Doc takes a refresher on first aid kits and completes her weekly dozen with our very own sub-editor Brendan H.

  • Sun shining across large icebergs stuck fast in the sea ice.

    7 August 2015 Single page view

    Another week with some strong winds and plenty of snowfall as well as plenty of activity on station: furniture installation continued in the living quarters as did work up in the waste treatment facility, routine maintenance, snow clearing, container audits and field trips as well as some great community activities including the 48 hour film festival and darts competition. Enjoy and thanks for reading!

  • An underwater remotely operated vehicle roughly the size of a shoebox being lowered into the ice hole

    31 July 2015 Single page view

    Here we are folks, the business. Our expeditioners have journeyed on foot, by Hagg and even under the ice to bring you this week's stories. Enjoy and thanks again for reading.

  • Group of expeditioners in fire fighting gear next to a tracked vehicle beside a large red accommodation building

    24 July 2015 Single page view

    Hello everyone, welcome back to Davis for another week. We're delighted to announce that Davis has recorded a readership tallying over 8000 hits on this webpage and to those of you reading this at home and abroad we send our thanks for your continued interest. We hope to continue providing worthwhile reading. This week we introduce you to one of our lovable diesos, we triumph in the first round of the darts competition, walk into a 'burning' building, put our hands through walls, visit the dentist and get to the bottom of an international mystery. Enjoy!

  • Hut with light streaming from windows outlined against a night sky dotted with stars and the green and red glow of an aurora

    17 July 2015 Single page view

    Greetings to you all, our dear friends to the north with whom we once again share the warm rays of the sun with. That's right, it reappeared this week and under its warming glow we trained, measured, camped, celebrated, and strove to travel farthest.

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