This week at Davis

  • Bright purple and yellow aurora

    19 September 2014 Single page view

    Nick's cartoon preludes the adventures of eight expeditioners who may have overpacked for their week away to Rauers. Also from Davis this week the fuel tanks get a clean and brilliant purple skies light up the night as auroras abound.

  • Bright yellow sunset with icebergs in the foreground

    12 September 2014 Single page view

    The lengths people go to at Davis to get a photo of the first summer penguin! Work and a pretty beautiful quad drive round out the news this week.

  • Expeditioner wearing scottish kilt and face painted blue and white

    5 September 2014 Single page view

    This week at Davis, the weekly cartoon covers a serious issue, snaps from around station show the weekly work (and some fun), serious field training is conducted and expeditioners hold a medieval feast - castle included.

  • Close up photo of two people near a lake holding a blue container lid

    29 August 2014 Single page view

    At Davis station, the winners are announced for the 48 Hour Antarctic Film Festival, plus expeditioners get out into the field for science and more.

  • Expeditioner with her arm raised high with an instrument in her hand which reads the wind speed

    22 August 2014 Single page view

    Science, a scenic traverse and a blizzard hits Davis.

  • Expeditioner looking at a number of seals from a distance with large ice berg in the background

    15 August 2014 Single page view

    From Davis station: science, data, radio training, and Weddell seals.

  • Close up photo of expeditioner sitting in a Hägglunds

    8 August 2014 Single page view

    It's time again for the 48 Hour Antarctic Film Festival! Details on this and more including search and rescue training, and a field expedition.

  • 14 expeditioners dressed up as Star Wars characters

    1 August 2014 Single page view

    "Evading the dreaded Imperial Starfleet, a group of freedom fighters led by Luke Skywalker has established a new secret base on the remote ice world of Hoth." Davis station celebrates Star Wars plus stories on science and work, both on and off station.

  • Red round hut with smiley face painted on with an aurora overhead

    25 July 2014 Single page view

    The majesty of Davis station is revealed as the sun returns from her hiatus. These photos are not to be missed!

  • Four expeditioners laying on a frozen lake lit up from beneath the ice

    18 July 2014 Single page view

    Collecting samples for science, annual stocktake, sightseeing, a 'who's who' with one of the crew from Davis, and much more!

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