This week at the station

This week at Davis: 7 March 2014

Nick's illustration of the week

cartoon drawing of an expeditioner ensuring everything that needs to be packed away for summer is
Mark prepares the station for winter
(Photo: Nick Cartwright)

Visitors from Bharati Station

When the last ship of the season sails away the winter team remaining on station know full well they won’t see another person, ship or aircraft  for at least nine months – or so we thought.

Last Friday night the winter team were enjoying a few drinks in the bar and eating dinner when they noticed unfamiliar faces peering through the mess window. It took a few seconds to register we had visitors and we weren’t alone. A party from Bharati Station (Indian) decided to drop in unannounced, no-one heard their helicopter and for our visitors they thought the station had been abandoned. After hearing the hum of the power house they decided to walk towards station and look for signs of life. Our 12 visitors were soon invited in for a coffee and a chat before departing station two hours later. The team returned on Sunday with another helicopter load of expeditioners (20 in total) for a tour of station, more coffee and a few Tim Tams. Tour guides Paul, Dave, Josh, Narelle, and Nick showed our new friends around station; by far the most popular building was our Band Hut where they were keen to test out the musical instruments... surely a few may consider following a career as a rock star when they return home.

large helicopter coming  landing on heli pad
Visitors arriving
(Photo: Narelle Campbell)
expeditioners from the Indian helicopter greeted by the Australian team
Davis team welcoming the team from Bharati Station
(Photo: Narelle Campbell)
group photo of Indian and Australian expeditioners under the flag pole
Paul with some of the Bharati expeditioners
(Photo: David Correll)
Indian expeditioners with musical instruments
Our friends take over the band hut
(Photo: David Correll)
Large group of people together in the mess
Some of the Davis and Bharati team members in the mess
(Photo: David Correll)
male standing in front of elephant seals
Yunus, Station Leader, Bharati Station
(Photo: Narelle Campbell)
australian expeditioner sitting in the front seat of the large helicopter
Captain Josh in the Indian (Russian) helicopter
(Photo: David Correll)
group photo in front of helicopter
Time to leave station and head home
(Photo: David Correll)


Stu (Comms), Alyce and Sarah (Science) went for a walk out to Law Cairn on Sunday and on their way out came across one of the automatic monitoring cameras set up by Barb Frankel's team. Right in front of the camera a group of penguins have decided to hang out to moult. For at least the last week  all the photos taken by the camera have the penguins posing in them. They were definitely not camera shy!


penguins huddled close to a monitoring camera in the field
Penguins positioned in front of monitoring cameras
(Photo: Alyce Hancock)
Adelie penguins positioned in front of a monitoring camera
Not so shy penguins in front of a monitoring camera
(Photo: Alyce Hancock)

Birthday celebrations

Two birthdays were celebrated on station during the week. Plumber Webby and Mechanical Supervisor Mark clocked up another year, to the delight of 19 other cake-loving expeditioners. Happy birthday Webby and Mark from your wintering mates at Davis.

two expeditioners cutting a chocolate birthday cake
Webby and Mark with their birthday cake
(Photo: David Correll)

Medical training

Throughout winter expeditioners are involved in regular refresher training covering various aspects of ‘station life’ such as fire drills, search and rescue, and medical training. During the week Judy - Davis’s Medical Doctor provided detailed training on how to use the electrocardiogram (ECG). The photos below show Layla and Corey preparing the ECG with Nick, Adam and Josh the three willing and relaxed volunteers (that’s because there were no needles involved). The training was a huge success, completed under the watchful eye of Doc Judy.

2 staff prepare a volunteer laying on the bed for medical tests
Layla and Corey prepare Nick for an ECG test
(Photo: Judy Braga)
Expeditioner holds the hand of the volunteer patient
Corey reassures Adam everything will be OK
(Photo: Judy Braga)
two expeditioners preparing a volunteer patient in the medical facilities
Layla and Corey prepare Adam for an ECG test
(Photo: Judy Braga)
close up photo of ECG monitor with Doc and expeditioner standing by
Doc Judy instructing Corey on the ECG equipment, whilst Josh is relaxed
(Photo: Judy Braga)
close up photo of Josh on the examiniation bed with Layla looking on
Josh shows he has full faith in Layla and Corey
(Photo: Judy Braga)
Expeditioner prepares ECG leads to be placed on volunteer
Layla looking like a true professional with Nick the volunteer
(Photo: Judy Braga)

On the job

Another busy week at Davis is coming to a close. More vehicles and machinery were placed in sheds for the winter; our science personnel continue to test water and maintain automated science equipment; solar panels placed at Adams Flat; many meals served; medical training; weather balloons released and data recorded; the big Green Store project is well underway, and servicing and general maintenance is ongoing for our communications, electrical, plumbing and carpenters.

Expeditioner in the science building with a large dome on his head
Dave with his new protective head wear
(Photo: Narelle Campbell)
3 expeditioners standing around in the office problem solving
Mark, Craig and Corey (Team Dieso)
(Photo: Narelle Campbell)
Expeditioner standing next to a large yellow box in the field
Stu at Adams Flat installing solar panels
(Photo: Peter Johnson)
Expeditioner installing solar panel in the field for science
Stu installing solar panel at Adams Flat
(Photo: Peter Johnson)
plant machinery parked in a large shed
Storing excess plant and vehicles for the winter
(Photo: Mark Johnson)
large mack truck and trailer inside shed
Stored away for the winter
(Photo: Mark Johnson)

In the field

A few groups ventured past station limits last week to enjoy the Vestfold Hills stunning scenery; Judy and Layla enjoyed a night at Watt’s hut whilst Stu provided excellent survival training to newcomers Dave, Dom and Narelle.

camping under the stars in bivvy bags
Camp for the night
(Photo: David Correll)
4 bivvy bags on the ground with expeditioners in each of them
The comforts of a bivvy
(Photo: David Correll)
expeditioner kneeling at the frozen lakes edge
Stu inspecting the frozen lake near Brookes hut
(Photo: David Correll)
3 expeditioners with packs on with a lake in the background
Dom, Narelle and Stu during field trainnig
(Photo: David Correll)
two expeditioners eating lunch with views of  the lake in the background
Stu and Dom enjoying the lunch spot views
(Photo: David Correll)
expeditioner taking a selfie
(Photo: David Correll)
selfie taken by expeditioner
Narelle's SELFIE
(Photo: Narelle Campbell)
lake showing mirror image of cliffs, sky and clouds
Lake Stinear
(Photo: Narelle Campbell)

Wildlife and scenery

close up photo of elephant seals on the beach
Ele seals on the beach
(Photo: Peter Johnson)
close up photo of weddell seal on the beach
Weddell seal
(Photo: Alyce Hancock)
young elephant seal with it's flipper raised
Give us a wave
(Photo: Alyce Hancock)
group of black and white penguins looking into a camera
Adelies posing for the camera
(Photo: Alyce Hancock)
sunset over the bay at Davis
It doesn't get much better than this
(Photo: Layla Watson)
bright red and orange sunset over the water and islands
A stunning sunset at Davis
(Photo: Layla Watson)

In memory of Luke

One of our winter team has a close family connection with the family of Luke Batty, we gathered to remember Luke and enforce the message that there is no place for family violence.
group photo of Davis team demonstrting against  family violence
In memory of Luke
(Photo: Peter Johnson)