This week at the station

This week at Davis: 7 February 2014

Last minute challenges

As the summer season quickly comes to a close there is a mood of urgency on station to get those last minute things done. For some it is that recreational walk to one of the Vestfold Huts, for others simply to get that puzzle finished. This year, one expeditioner received for Christmas a rather large puzzle which he donated to station and left it in “pieces” on a table in the mess. Nearly everyone on station had a go at it but Danny made up his mind that he was going to complete it, and after many hours finally completed the puzzle, except for one piece which he left for some-one else to do.

The final of the Davis darts competition had to be played and a very hotly-contested game it was with the two finalists, Tim and Scott, requiring the best of three games to determine the winner. The Davis darts perpetual trophy is known as the Perry Anderson Trophy named after last year’s winner who tragically lost his life in 2013. This year’s winner was Tim, who held a slight advantage as he stayed on from last winter and managed to get a lot of practise in.

Another well-deserved trophy went to Misty and her team of Air Ground Support Officers (AGSO) for being runners up to a team of plant operators in the “unofficial” drum crushing competition. There is no shame in being second and Misty’s team managed to crush 160 drums in one day compared to the plant operators who did 163.

The station beach volleyball competition was also played this week but it was unknown who the winner actually was as there was a bit of swindling with the scores, so an honourable draw was the best outcome. Really, everyone was a winner; who else can have bragging rights to playing beach volleyball in sub-zero temperatures on one of the very few beaches in Antarctica!

Group of expeditioners watching a dart game
A large crowd watches the final of the dart competition.
(Photo: Bill.D)
An expeditioner throwing a dart at a dart board
Scott focusing on his target
(Photo: Bill.D)
A expeditioner holding a trophy
Tim the winner of the Perry Andersen Trophy for 2014
(Photo: Bill.D)
A photo of a trophy
The Perry Andersen perpetual Davis Darts Trophy
(Photo: Bill.D)
An expeditioner holding up a trophy
Misty proudly shows of second prize!!
(Photo: Bill.D)
A game of volleyball being played on the Davis Beach
Davis beach volleyball.
An expeditioner doing a puzzle sitting at a table
Danny finishes the station puzzle - please excuse the flouro shirt!
(Photo: Bill.D)

Davis art & craft

Our resident cartoonist Nick who this year has supplied us with many of his outstanding cartoons is a lover of all fine art. He then took on the role of curator and arranged for the Davis Art and Craft Show. Davis this year has many talented and creative expeditioners and many took up Nick’s challenge and worked feverishly in the workshops, hobby huts or in their rooms to create a myriad of wonderful  art and crafts. The evening was a gala affair with many expeditioners dressing up in their finest and then being treated to champagne and canapés before the much heralded show was opened by Nick. My apologies to all the artists whose work I didn’t feature this week.

An expeditioner making a speech as others stand by listening.
Nick formally opening the Davis art and craft show
(Photo: Bill.D)
A wooden hand-made pipe
A Davis made wooden pipe and it works.
(Photo: Bill.D)
A wooden clock in the shap of Antarctica
An Antarctic clock
(Photo: Bill.D)
A picture of a wooden and metal pen set
Hand-made pen set - great craftsmanship
(Photo: Bill.D)
Brass bottler opener in the shape of a leopard seal
Brass bottle opener in the shape of a leopard seal
(Photo: Bill.D)
A set of metal darts
Hand-made metal darts set
(Photo: Bill.D)
A small wooden box made at Davis
Beautiful hand-crafted wooden box
(Photo: Bill.D)
A clock made from cast metal
A very unique clock
(Photo: Bill.D)
A pair of walking boots that have been fibreglassed
Renato's fiberglassed boots, the stories they could tell
(Photo: Bill.D)
A picture of a ship etched on a cooper plate
A photograph etched in copper plate
(Photo: Bill.D)
A water fountain tap
How do they do that? Real running water.
(Photo: Bill.D)
A model aircraft hanging from the ceiling
It will fly sometime this winter
(Photo: Bill.D)
A wooden sign that says "Davis Station 2014"
The sign that says it all
(Photo: Bill.D)
Five knitted penguins in various shapes and sizes
So cute, just so much work!
(Photo: Bill.D)
A wooden map of Antarctica on a stand
Great wood craft
(Photo: Bill.D)

Nick's weekly cartoon

This week Nick has supplied us with another wonderful example of his talents. It is not a cryptic cartoon but might as well be. Can you tell what it means?

A cartoon of a penguin on kangaroo legs
It is not a cryptic cartoon but fairly close. What is it?
(Photo: Nick.C)