This week at the station

This week at Davis: 11 October 2013

Trip to Platcha Hut

Some months back there was a trip to Platcha Hut on a clean and maintenance trip. The scenery was just awesome.

Scenery photo of the Ingrid Christensen coast line
Ingrid Christensen Coast
(Photo: Rodney C)
Scenery shot of the lakes with mountains in the distance
Lake Bisemoye, Mt Stalker & Parker Hill
(Photo: Rodney C)
Scenery photo of Long Fjord from the hill behind Platcha Hut
Long Fjord
(Photo: Rodney C)
Photo of Platcha Hut from the hill behind the hut
Platcha Hut
(Photo: Rodney C)
A snow covered hill
Snow covered hill
(Photo: Rodney C)

Stocktake and resupply packing

It is a busy time of year with packing, reordering and stock take, thoughts of heading back home, but as you can see it is all hands on deck with only two weeks to go.

Expeditioner looking at a pallet of boxes in the green Store gesturing “were do I start”
Where do I start?
(Photo: Rodnay c)
Expeditioner sitting on his chair going through the paperwork
Doc Mal
(Photo: Rodney C)
Expeditioner standing in front of the Stores computer desk giving the thumbs up
Green Store manager-Tim
(Photo: Rodney c)
Expeditioners discussing what’s next
Jeff & Mal S
(Photo: Rodney C)
Expeditioners working in the Green Store
Rich and Mark
(Photo: Rodney C)

Almost time

It's a very short station news this week as everyone is busy packing their personal effects to have them ready for RTA (Return to Australia). With the Aurora Australis looking to leave Hobart early next week, life on station has picked up the pace in preparation for her arrival.
Photo of Davis station taken from a helicopter earlier this season
Davis station from the air
(Photo: Jason A)
A draft of the station photo for 2013/66th ANARE winter
Station Winter photo
(Photo: Rich Y)