This week at the station

This week at Davis: 27 September 2013

I am blessed!

To spend four winters at Davis since 2000 has been an incredible way to experience Antarctica. With another winter almost at an end and resupply looming on the horizon, we’re about to witness the transformation of the landscape and the frenzied return of the amazing Antarctic wildlife. I have drawn from my photo archive folder to give us a glimpse of what we can expect over our last eight weeks or so here in this magnificent place. Not only will the wild life start to return to the area so will the big orange ship Aurora Australis to take us home.

“This is the fastest moving, slow moving place I’ve ever been.”

The brightly painted Aurora Australis parked up on the sea ice in front of the station with a vehicle travailing on the ice in the foreground
The Aurora Australis in town
(Photo: Colin)
The Aurora Australis parked in the sea ice with several heavy vehicles driving out over the sea ice to start a resupply
The Aurora Australis arrival Nov 2004
(Photo: Colin)

The seals

Weddell seals will soon arrive in Long Fjord to pup. Elephant seals not far behind looking for some R&R .

A mother Weddell seal nose to nose with her recently born pup
Mum and new born
(Photo: Colin)
A close up zoom photo of a young Weddell pup
Young Weddell
(Photo: Colin)
A front on photo of a male elephant seal with it mouth wide open
Bad breath
(Photo: Colin)
A close up of an elephant seal well into the moulting season with patchwork appearance
Moulting elephant seal
(Photo: Colin)

Bird life

Wilson storm petrel cleaning up scraps from giant petrel feast on submerged dead seal in Prydze Bay during resupply.
A Wilson storm petrel skimming the top of the water with it feet
(Photo: Colin)
A giant petrel duck diving for food with a Wilson storm petrel skimming the water beside it
Bottoms up
(Photo: Colin)

Two of my favourites

My favourite critters... Adelies off Davis and emperor penguins at Amanda Bay near the Larsmann Hills.

An Adelie penguin lying on its nest made of stones
You made your bed
(Photo: Colin)
Several Adelie penguins lying on their stony nests
Is everyone comfortable?
(Photo: Colin)
Several Adelie penguins heading out to sea from Gardner Island to hut for food
Time for dinner
(Photo: Colin)
Several penguins all marching in a line with massive ice bergs and the plateau in the background
Forward march
(Photo: Colin)
Adult and young emperor penguins at Amanda Bay
Amanda Bay emperors
(Photo: Colin)
An adult Emperor penguin with its young chick following behind
Walk this way
(Photo: Colin)

From the air

And the return of the helicopter rides for some aerial shots... woohooo! Davis and surrounds.

I’ve had a lot of fun down south over the years. Maybe I’ll do just one more. This will definitely be my last one. I’ve said that 3 times so far.. Hmmm...

May the Chi be with you!


Photo taken from a helicopter of a rocky outcrop with a small lake on the edge of the polar ice cap
Aerial shot 1
(Photo: Colin)
An aerial photo of glaciers and the polar ice cap where they meet with the beautiful blue ocean waters
Aerial shot 2
(Photo: Colin)
An aerial photo of Davis station in 2009
Home 2009
(Photo: Colin)
An aerial photo of the bright red Books hut standing out on the rocky terrain and the melting Fjord sea ice
Brooks from the air
(Photo: Colin)