This week at the station

This week at Davis: 15 March 2013

The luck of the draw

The weekly news roster fell on the diesos (diesel mechanics) to make an entry this week which sent two of the diesos running for the hills and hiding in the dark corners of workshop. This left one lucky enough to draw the short straw.

Two of the three diesel mechanics running away through the workshop door
Thanks boys
(Photo: Aaron M)
Aaron sitting in front of his computer head in hands looking stressed
Me trying to think about what to write
(Photo: Patrick D)

Winter begins

With the ship leaving a few months ago and taking the main reason for mechanical failure with it (i.e. the plant operators) the lives of the diesos on station have become slightly easier yet there is still plenty to do to fill the day. I suppose I shouldn’t be too harsh on the plant operators as they had a fairly trouble free season and helped us out a heap through the time they were here.

A large pile of soil added to the ramp in front of the work shop door
Thinking outside the box to reduce the angle into the workshop
(Photo: Aaron M)
The large rock crushing machine in the workshop
It only just fits
(Photo: Aaron M)
The station four wheel drive ute with a 1000 litre water container on the tray
Dick and his improvised water cart
(Photo: Aaron M)
Three expeditioners wearing Mexican hats sitting at the refuelling point with fake palm trees and cactus plants
The refuelling oasis
(Photo: Patrick D)

Preparing for the winter months

Throughout winter, when the sea ice freezes over, the Honda quads will become our main mode of transport around station so we have been fairly busy ensuring that they are ready to go and that they will have no problems in the months to come - I'm not sure if this is just wishful thinking. Another critical part of moving gear around the frozen continent is the humble sled. These sleds never get the credit they deserve for the job they do and rarely get the attention they should, so we made a point of treating a smith sled to a much needed birthday.

Diesel mechanic working on the quad bikes in the workshop
Jeff getting the quads ready for when the sea ice forms
(Photo: Aaron M)
Diesel mechanic standing next to the Smith sled which has a fresh coat of paint and new deck boards fitted
Sled birthday
(Photo: Aaron M)


Another part of being a dieso of the south is the ability to take on any task whether it is be fault finding, routine maintenance on machinery, snow clearing, welding, tire fitting, power house maintenance, homebrew tasting (a personal favourite of mine), all the way to trying your hand at being a story teller and reporter for the weekly station news.

Diesel mechanic sitting in a Hagglunds vehicle with the wiring loom in his hands
Pat (aka Turbo) trying to find a fault in one of the…
(Photo: Aaron M)
Two diesel mechanics wearing singlets after changing a large JCB tyre in the work shop with the main workshop door open
Jeff and Pat finding the balmy minus four climate a bit warm…
(Photo: Aaron M)
The engine bay of the frontend loader full of snow
You’ve got to clear the snow to get the machine to clear…
(Photo: Aaron M)