This week at the station

This week at Davis: 1 March 2013

The demise of Warren

After 28 years of service Warren was removed without grace this week in preparation for the new incinerator. We witnessed the final burn last week and already the infrastructure team have Warren free of his foundations and are working on the internal preparation for its replacement. The hectic pace will continue in order to get the roof back on the building before the weather deteriorates as summer comes to an end and winter approaches.

The incinerator building with the roof ready to be removed
Preparing to remove the roof
(Photo: Jason A)
The incinerator being lifted out of the building through the roof buy the station crane
Warren has left the building
(Photo: Jason A)

Frozen sea spray

We have encountered some cooler weather this past week and when these low temperatures are combined with high winds we get frozen sea spray forming on the shoreline rocks which produces some very interesting formations.

Shore line rocks coated with frozen sea spray
Frozen sea spray 1
(Photo: Jason A)
Shore line rocks coated with frozen sea spray
Frozen sea spray 2
(Photo: Jason A)

Heidemann Beach Walk

Mother Nature on Heidemann Beach. A sunny Sunday afternoon walk.

The frozen white sand and blue water meet at the shore
Heidemann Beach
(Photo: Rodney C)
Frozen whit sand and sea weed make the shape of a swan on the beach
Snow Swan
(Photo: Rodney C)
Snow in the shape of a fish on the beach
Snow Fish
(Photo: Rodney C)
Sea weed with frozen ball of ice making it look like grapes on the vine
Ice Grapes
(Photo: Rodney C)
Sea weed laying on the snow in the shape of a bear
Sea Weed Bear
(Photo: Rodney C)

Friday Night, Hawaiian Shirt night

The night started with Big Burger & Chip all dressed in their Hawaiian shirt and the night went on to some playing the card game of Queens and a unplugged acoustic jam session taking place in the corner; a good night had by all.

Pat doing the dishes after dinner in his Hawaiian shirt
Pat D
(Photo: Rodney C)
Mal V cleaning up after dinner in his Hawaiian shirt
Mal V
(Photo: Rodney C)
Mal S caught by surprise in his Hawaiian shirt
Mal S
(Photo: Rodney C)
Paul in his Hawaiian shirt sitting at the dining table giving the piece sign
Paul K
(Photo: Rodney C)
Gavin, Richard, Mark and Rodney all in their Hawaiian shirts having a quiet beer after a long week
Gavin, Richard, Mark & Rocket
(Photo: Keith D)