This week at the station

This week at Davis: 22 February 2013

Winterising Davis buildings

This week at Davis we’ve been up to a bit. The carpenter gave the plumbers a hand winterising the science building, TAD (Totally Awesome Digs) and SAM (Sweet As Mate) buildings. The day turned out to be a cracker and all went well high up above Davis station.

Paul taping a cover on an exhaust vent with ice bergs in the distance.
Pauly K covering stacks on the science building
(Photo: Tim K)
A picture taken from the roof of the science building of the station covered in fresh snow.
We’re starting to get a picture of what it’ll look like in…
(Photo: Tim K)
Picture taken from the roof of the summer accommodation building with the fuel storage facility in the foreground and Hiedemann Bay in the background.
The serenity of the fuel farm
(Photo: Tim K)

Warren out - Neil in

We've got a few jobs to do while we are down here and one we’ve been trying to get into this past week or so has been the replacing of our trusty station incinerator. It’s not a flash LQ or a ritzy resupply but an absolutely integral member of the broader functioning assets that keep Davis station moving along smoothly. This gem bit of gear, that reduces Davis’s waste into an environmentally and logistically friendly amount, is affectionately called Warren. Warren has been doing its job for the better part of 28 years with minimal fuss and bother, but the time has come to replace it with the new and improved Warren that will now go by the fiery and fierce name of Neil. We gave Warren a fitting send off for its last burn and will have Neil up and burning in the next couple of weeks.

Quick stage scaffold being erected around the incinerator building in preparation for the incinerator removal
Scaffolding for the removal of the roof
(Photo: Tim K)
Photo of the old incinerator known as Warren
The trusty beast that was Warren
(Photo: Tim K)
Photo of the old incinerator with a station plumber loading the material for the last burn before it is removed
Keith, one of our resident plumbers, loading Warren
(Photo: Tim K)
Photo of the incinerator building from outside with flames coming out of the incinerator flu during the last burn before its removal
The fire within will burn bright eternally, or the next two hours,…
(Photo: Tim K)

Davis elephant seals

Can’t help but have a couple of mandatory elephant seal photos this time of year. 

Large male elephant seal lying on the beach in the sun scratching an itch with his front flipper
Random elephant seal
(Photo: Tim K)
Photo of several elephants seal lying very close to each other all sleeping.
Wallowing in the wallow
(Photo: Tim K)