This week at Davis: 31 January 2020

Meat pies, cricket and a sub-zero swim the order of the day at Davis

Australia Day proves to be a big hit at Davis

Ever wondered how Australian Antarctic expeditioners do Australia Day on the icy continent? Wonder no more! This year at Davis we spent Australia Day how many other Australians spend it, a swim at the beach for the brave, some beach cricket with the one hand one bounce and 6 and out rules in full force, and some good Aussie food cooked up by our awesome chefs and volunteer spit operators. Pies, sausage rolls, lamingtons, prawns, a lamb on the spit and a few quiet beers were enjoyed. The water temperature was slightly colder than what most of us are used to (around -1.4 degrees Celsius) which had us bringing out our inner Wim Hof. The sauna/spa was quite popular following the swim!

We had some curious penguins come and spectate the beach cricket and a few Weddell seals did some sunbaking while keeping an eye on the score.

We had the Monday public holiday off and this week we are preparing for the Aurora Australis to arrive for our end of summer resupply. It’s not long now until the summer expeditioners leave and it is just the 26 of us winterers holding the fort until sometime around mid-November which I’m sure will have its challenges but we are all looking forward to the experience.

Cameron Gray

Station Mechanical Supervisor

A group of expeditioners wade into the sea at Davis
It's not that cold, c'mon!
(Photo: Cam Gray)
A group photo of the bathers on the beach at Davis
All the bathers gather as one
(Photo: Cam Gray)
A man bowls a ball down the cricket pitch while two other men look on from the field
Steve rolling the arm over
(Photo: Cam Gray)
A man mis-hitting a ball while batting in the cricket game
How's that!?
(Photo: Cam Gray)
An elephant seal and an Adélie penguin lounging on the beach
Hoping for an easy catch
(Photo: Cam Gray)
An elephant seal looking into the camera from its sandy rest spot on the beach
Best on ground performance by Elly
(Photo: Cam Gray)