This week at Davis: 8 February 2019

Boating in the Riviera of the South

Ocean views

When you head to Antarctica for the first time you hear everyone rave on about how special the boating is around our four stations. I can confirm Davis is no exception!

With strict weather tolerances applying before anything hits the water, and countless station operational priorities in play, you really need the planets to align if you are to be fortunate enough to see our spectacular operating area from one of the station’s watercraft.

Deploying in small groups, this bucket-list activity provides some lucky expeditioners with a rare opportunity to learn more about key features and landmarks in and around the station’s operating area….thriving Adelie penguin colonies (Warriner Island), Antarctic Specially Protected Areas (ASPAs) such as Hawker Island, the spectacular Sørsdal Glacier, and automated installations such as weather stations (AWS) and cameras (Kazak Island). Breathtaking doesn’t begin to describe it all - hopefully the pictures below give it at least some justice.

This exercise is especially valuable for those about to head into winter. It’s hard to believe that in a few months the glassy waters we glide across now will transform into sea-ice highways up to 1.8 metres thick, supporting travel by Hägglund (aka “Haggs”) and quad bikes. By November, the same stretch of water will even offer fixed-wing aircraft a perfectly groomed ski-landing area!

To be somewhere so special and be a part of this amazing environmental change, we are indeed a privileged bunch.

Sphinx Berg
The Antarctic Sphinx
(Photo: Simon G)
Davis Station Framed
The coolest picture frame
(Photo: Simon G)
Sorsdal Glacier
The mighty Sorsdal Glacier
(Photo: Christina D)
Adelie penguin on berg
Adelie penguins hitching a free ride
(Photo: Neil B)
Our faithful Haggs...sea ice will take over soon enough
(Photo: Derryn H)
Quad bikes on sea ice at Davis
Station watercraft will soon give way to quad bike transport
(Photo: Derryn H)