Saturday night

This week at Davis: 4 December 2015

Our kitchen trend continues this week with a special Saturday night dinner. All the meals from the kitchen are special, but on a few selected Saturday nights throughout the season the chefs make a special effort in both their menu and the setting out of the mess. Table cloths are washed and ironed and the tables formally set. This takes a considerable effort and is done by volunteers on the day.

There is an expectation that if the chefs are making such an effort, that the expeditioners also make an effort and dress up a little. Davis is currently experiencing some water restrictions and expeditioners are limited to a three minute shower every second day. So for Saturday night, nearly everyone had a wash and put on their best attire. The three course menu was outstanding with individual meals served. The most pleasing part of the night, aside from the food, was the fact that this setting created an atmosphere for old fashioned conversation - no mobile phones here - and expeditioners happily stayed at their tables talking well into the night. 

Next week the expeditioners are taking over the kitchen, giving the chefs the night off, and having a pub themed night.

A female  expeditioner ironing table cloths
Karina ironing the tablecloths for Saturday night
(Photo: BDB)
A chef preparing a dish for Saturday night dinner
Chef Jarrod putting on the final touches
(Photo: BDB)
Two male expeditioners dressed in suits for dinner
Chris and the Doc all dressed up
(Photo: BDB)
Expeditioner wearing a fancy black & white suit
Paul in his best black and white suit, including a tie
(Photo: BDB)
Dinners sitting in the mess room
Expeditioners enjoying the special evening
(Photo: BDB)
Formal dining table settings for Saturday night
Table settings for the special Saturday night
(Photo: BDB)
A female expeditioner lighting candles on the dinning tables
Tina lighting the candles
(Photo: BDB)
Three aircraft pilots sitting at a dinning table
The pilots enjoyed the night
(Photo: BDB)
A male and female expeditioner enjoying the meal
Simon & Julie enjoying the evening
(Photo: Simon J)
Two expeditioners posing for a photo at the dinner table
Webby and Tina
(Photo: Simon J)
A male expeditioner in a suit jacket without short
Cam in his best suit!
(Photo: Simon J)
Two expeditioners enjoying the Saturday night dinner
Dave and Jon, two old timers enjoying the night
(Photo: Simon J)