Kitchen master class

This week at Davis: 4 December 2015

This week the kitchen was the focus of a number of station activities and one of these was master chef cooking lessons conducted by one of our chefs, Sebastian. This week's master class was how to make croissants. A croissant is a buttery, flaky, Vienna-style pastry named for its well-known crescent shape. Once you understand the basics of creating multi-layered dough, which are the essentials of a croissants, you're well on your way to wowing your friends.

Sharon, one of the students, was very keen to impress our French chef both with her language and cooking skills and said “faire des croissants m' aidera à trouver un mari”. To learn this delicate art, six expeditioners signed up for the first class which consisted of four lessons of one hour each. Not only did the master class students learn how to cook, they also realise that working in the kitchen can be hard work as some of the lessons were at 0700 in the morning.

The station doctor making a croissant pastry
The doc learning a new skill
(Photo: BDB)
The chef showing a female expeditioner how to cook
Sebastian showing Tina the ropes
(Photo: BDB)
A female expeditioner making a croissant
Sharon was very proud of her first ever croissant!
(Photo: BDB)
A plate of croissants
The finished product
(Photo: BDB)
An expeditioner preparing some pastry for cooking
Vas was not too keen to let his mother know he can…
(Photo: BDB)
Three expeditioners taking cooking lessons in the kitchen
Tina, Marie and Kimba busy in the kitchen
(Photo: BDB)