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This week at Davis: 20 February 2015

This summer the team of three chefs have come together with a winning combination of experience and a diversity of backgrounds. Between them they have total of fourteen seasons working in Antarctica - with all three having done a winter - and at other stations on the icy continent. So they had a good idea of what it involves to cook for up to 90 hungry expeditioners from November to March. During the summer they would have produced some 22,000 meals and made enough bread and cakes to send a chill down the spine of any gluten intolerant diabetic.

It’s probably not surprising that when they’re not working they like a bit of time to themselves. Damien can be found immersing himself into a good book, Donna working up a sweat at the gym and Gavin riding a mountain bike around the station.

So what are the secret ingredients to a successful season? Team work, communication and most importantly a sense of humour. Judging by the quality of food and the laughter coming from the kitchen, they have gotten the mix just right.

Gav M

Chef smiling in the Davis kitchen while extracting a tray of heart shaped shortbread biscuits
Gavin M in the kitchen
(Photo: James M)
Three chefs, one female and two male, goofing around in the kitchen at Davis station
Damian T, Gav M and Donna W - our three magnificent chefs…
(Photo: James M)
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