Australia Day celebrations

This week at Davis: 31 January 2014

There are few days that are celebrated like Australia Day at Davis. This day - like no other - signifies home, family and friends. Davis goes to a lot of effort to make expeditioners feel like being at home and then adds some of its own Australian traditions like the summer swim.

None of these Davis Australia Day festivities would be possible without the huge preparation that goes into making it all work. The Davis band 'Blue Slots' who absolutely mesmerized the crowd with their music on the Saturday night, had practised for weeks. They were fantastic.

It is simple to have a game of cricket in Australia but a bit more difficult here at Davis. With a bit of ingenuity and creativity the stands were built, the cricket pitch laid and the oval rolled.

The Australia Day swim was also a bit unusual this year as overnight with the cold temperatures, the sea had refrozen and there was at least a half inch of grease ice on the surface. This meant sending in the 'life guard' to crack the ice prior to the swimmer taking to the water. It just added to the excitement.

Although it was cold, we had brilliant sunshine and what better way to finish off Australia day than a spit roast and a few beers while sitting outside in the sun with your mates. This year Russian expeditioners flew over to help us enjoy our national day. I think I will let the photos tell the story of Australia Day at Davis.

A heavy roller on the Davis beach preparing a cricket pitch
Rolling the cricket pitch and building the grand stand
(Photo: Bill.D)
Excavator moving sea ice from the Davis Beach
Removing the sea ice in preparation for the swim
(Photo: Bill.D)
An expeditioner in a dry suit in the water breaking up the ice
Life guard 'Stuart' breaking up the grease ice
(Photo: Bill.D)
An expeditioner in a dry suit standing on a block of ice
'Stuart' the life guard ready for duty
(Photo: Bill.D)
About twenty expeditioners in their bathers posing for a photo prior to the swim
Ready, set and go!
(Photo: Bill.D)
Two expeditioners running out of the sea water at davis
Bruce and Rhys - last in and first out
(Photo: Bill.D)
Three expeditioners running out of the water
At least the girls weren't first out!
(Photo: Bill.D)
A group of expeditioners in the cold sea water of Davis
This is fun!
(Photo: Corey.B)
A group of expeditioners sitting near a container.
The crowd watching the cricket
(Photo: Bill.D)
Elephant seals on the beach with cricket being played in the background.
Even the elephant seals enjoyed the game!
(Photo: Barb.F)
Expeditioners dancing to the music from the band
The band 'Blue Slots' got everyone up and dancing
(Photo: Corey.B)
An expeditioner playing the keyboards
Layla on keyboards
(Photo: Corey.B)
An expeditioner singing in front of the band.
Stacey leading the band with another big song!
(Photo: Corey.B)
Three singers in front of the band
Paul, Stacey and Theo entertaining the crowd
(Photo: Corey.B)
Four Russian expeditioners singing a song
Our Russian friends were keen to get involved
(Photo: Bill.D)
Group of expeditioners sitting on the balcony at Davis
A BBQ to finish the weekend. What a setting!
(Photo: Bill.D)