Medical facilities at Davis

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This week at Davis: 24 January 2014

The medical facility at Davis is very comprehensive. One of the various roles of the station doctor is to maintain the facility and keep the various bits of equipment ready for use.

There is a dental suite, an operating theatre – complete with scrub up room, a treatment room, a two bed ward, a doctors’ office,  a medical store, a laboratory, and a medical plant room - not for the green variety, but one that houses all the pumps and electrics that run the piped medical gases, suction and dental equipment.

At times it seems the doctor can be in direct competition with the chefs by encouraging people to maintain an ideal body mass index (BMI*) even if that means resisting the culinary delights served three times daily! 

*The scales in the foyer of the medical facility are freely available to all for off the record self monitoring.

Photo of a dentist chair in the Davis medical facility
Davis dentist chair!
Davis operating table
Medical facility operating theatre
(Photo: Judy B)
Photo of the doctors office at davis
The doctor's consulting room
(Photo: Judy B)
A patient bed in the Davis medical facility
A patient ward bed in the Davis medical facility
(Photo: Judy B)
A cartoon of a fat lizard who failed his medical
Iggy fails his Body Mass Index (BMI)
(Photo: Nick C)
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