Farewell to the Davis summer expeditioners

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This week at Davis: 14 February 2014

This year’s summer crew arrived at Davis on the 6th November 2013 and we are scheduled to depart Davis on the 15th February 2014. By coincidence this gives us 100 days of summer. It is now a vastly different crew when compared to those that stepped off the Aurora Australis back in November. Back then we were basically strangers to each other but now many lifelong friendships have been formed and it will be a sad day when we sail, leaving some of our friends behind for the winter.

A lot has been achieved over the summer. The station has a different look about it with two newly constructed buildings. A fresh coat of paint on some other buildings and a lot of maintenance has also spruced up the station. A lot of science has been completed and there is a sense of overall achievement by those that are set to sail.

A formal dinner was held last Saturday night with the remaining winter crew being the waiters for the evening and giving their summer friends a farewell to remember.

Photo of sixty new expeditioners which is the entire summer crew.
The entire 2013-2014 Davis crew.
(Photo: Horse)
A photo of the Davis scientists
The Davis science & Bureau of Meteorology teams.
(Photo: Horse)
Group of expeditioners in front of a new building they built over the summer
Summer trade team outside the new helicopter hanger they built.
(Photo: Horse)
Two expeditioners with serving trays
Craig and Alyce serving the summer crew
(Photo: Bill.D)
Cheese platter with the cheese spelling out "We will miss you"
The cheese says it all!
(Photo: Bill.D)
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