Drum crushing

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This week at Davis: 10 January 2014

The Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) is responsible for implementing the Australian Government's obligation to protect the Antarctic environment, as reflected in its vision for Antarctica as valued, protected and understood.

One of the key station aspects of our interaction with the environment is waste management. What that means to everyone on station is responsible waste management and the need to return all station waste to Australia.

One of the most gathered items on station and the hardest to return are the empty 200 litre fuel drums. To return them takes a lot of space on the ship and sometimes it is not possible to return all of the drums. Over a period of time the fuel drums at Davis stockpiled to an exceedingly large number. Problem – a large number of fuel drums; solution – a drum crusher. By crushing the drums it is possible to return to Australia eight drums in the space of one uncrushed drum.

One of the main tasks at Davis this year was the washing, crushing and readying for return to Australia of the gathered fuel drums and nearly everyone on station was expected and inducted to operate the drum crusher. Each drum takes about 6-8 minutes to be crushed and still weighs 22 kg. It is expected that all drums will be finished this summer and ready for return to Australia.

Two expeditioners standing next to a drum crusher
Reece and Kallum with one of the first drums to be crushed!
(Photo: Bill P)
The empty drum crusher next to a container of empty fuel drums.
The drum crusher and the first load, how many more!!
(Photo: Bill D)
Fuel drums covered in snow at Davis Station
Before being crushed they have to be dug out!
(Photo: Bill D)
Three crushed fuel drums in a shipping container
The first three drums crushed!
(Photo: Bill D)
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