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This week at Davis: 9 August 2013

Last weekend saw the Davis crew (and many others across the continent) attacking the Antarctic 48hr Film Festival. The team pulled together brilliantly as we spit-balled ideas, formed a rough idea of a story and leaped (maybe a little prematurely) into filming. There were a number of heated discussions between the director, producer and editors... but needless to say we got through them and ended up with some great footage that we were able to cut into a pretty decent short film. I’ll cover the details of the competition in a later story.

This set of pictures gives a little insight into what was happening behind the scenes.

Where would we be without the tremendous efforts of the catering team? Rocket and Jase served up an amazing hot breakfast on Saturday morning, and we needed it! Saturday night turned out to be a record cold day at Davis, negative 41.3 degrees. This is now the coldest August day here, and only 0.5 of a degree off the coldest Davis temperature of all recorded time! Having to shoot outside in these conditions meant three things; beautiful clear skies, but lots and lots of clothes, and frequents breaks to come back inside to warm up.

Lucky for me, after shooting some early scenes on Saturday, I relegated myself to the warmth inside to sit down and start editing... there are always perks when you wear the editors cap!

Expeditioners line up for a hearty cooked breakfast before heading out into the cold to film
Feeding the troops
(Photo: Rich)
An expeditioner rugged up in multiple jackets to keep warm in the minus 40 temperature
Rugged up to shoot
(Photo: Comms Ninja)
Picture of a camera filming an expeditioner climbing the communications tower near Operations building and ANARESAT radome
Shooting Mark on tower
(Photo: Rich Y)
Picture of camera filming expeditioner standing on a snow bank in full search and rescue gear looking out over horizon
Shooting Pat's search
(Photo: Rich Y)
An expeditioner in a penguin suit sitting on a quad bike out on the frozen sea ice with snow covered islands in the back ground
Penguin on a quad
(Photo: Simon B)
A group of expeditioners crowd together in the library to discuss the finer points of editing the movie. The table in front of them is littered with computers, cameras, radios and food
At the editing table
(Photo: Nick N)
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