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This week at Davis: 5 July 2013

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Midwinter has come and gone. Sacrifices have been made to the pagan gods (through the Midwinter Swim, as well as much feasting and celebrating). Now we wait for the sun to return. Officially our first sunrise will be July 10th, which happens to be a special day on station because one of our fellow expeditioners is celebrating his 60th birthday that day. Yeah, you know who you are, and we love you for it ol’ boy.

But wait, don’t rush that sun!

Life at Davis over the last few weeks has been a new experience for almost all on station (with only three previous wintering expeditioners out of seventeen). The opportunity to live in an area where the sun doesn’t actually rise is pretty special, and even more so for an avid amateur photographer. The extended hours of twilight (about 5-6 hours each day), has given rise to a plethora of picture perfect moments. It’s hard to capture everything in a single picture, and even harder to put words to those pictures, so I will just let the images do the rest of the talking on this one.

The meteorology hut sits on the right with a blue and gold twilight sky behind.
Twilight panorama showing the Met outlook over Prydz Bay
(Photo: Rich Y)
The waxing three-quarter super moon rises over station
The waxing three-quarter super moon rises over station
(Photo: Rich Y)
An iceberg that looks like Cradle Mountain  stands on the horizon in the midday twilight
The Cradle Mountain berg stands proudly in the midday twilight
(Photo: Rich Y)
The twilight makes the icebergs look bright blue with a pink sky behind
More bergs, more amazing light
(Photo: Rich Y)
The new living quarters surrounded by ice.
The new living quarters, stoic against the winter cold
(Photo: Rich Y)
Building silhouetted agiainst the multi-coloured sky
Heli-hut last week before heading out off station
(Photo: Rich Y)
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